Scott A. Margroum
Scott A. Margroum (Carroll County Sheriffs Office / HANDOUT)

A Reisterstown man stands accused of second-degree assault after he allegedly punched a man in the eye in Westminster Oct. 29, police say.

Scott A. Margroum, 50, was released on $2,500 bond Oct. 29, online court records show.


According to the statement of charges, an argument ensued at a Westminster residence and Margroum punched the victim in the eye. Carroll County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived to the residence at about 2:51 a.m. and Margroum was gone, the statement reads. A witness told police Margroum had “gone crazy” and saw him fighting with the other man, according to the statement.

Another witness said they heard the men screaming at each other and saw them start swinging, the statement reads.

Police saw the victim’s left eye was “extremely swollen and purple," though he denied further medical treatment, according to the statement. The victim said Margroum was crazy and blocked him from getting into his vehicle, the statement reads. When the victim tried to enter his vehicle, Margroum swung at him and struck the victim’s eye, according to the statement. They fought for a few seconds then separated, the victim told police.

Police could not find Margroum around the residence or at his home initially, according to the statement. Margroum was later found and had his first appearance in court Oct. 29, online court records indicate. The statement did not say where or when Margroum was found.

Margroum did not immediately return a call for comment. No attorney information for him was listed in online court records. A trial is scheduled for Jan. 8.