Westminster man charged with assault, reckless endangerment

A Westminster man was arrested Friday, Oct. 19 and faces several charges, including assault.

Brett Owen Mack, 28, of the 100 block of Westminster Avenue, was charged with reckless endangerment, intoxicated endangerment and first- and second-degree assault, according to Carroll County Sheriff’s Office arrest report Friday. Mack’s bail status was not available via electronic court records in the afternoon Tuesday, Oct. 23.


Westminster Police Department officers arrived at Westminster Avenue around 7:30 p.m. Friday to find Mack lying in the road along Thompson Alley, police wrote in a statement of probable cause. After police approached the 28-year-old alleged that a woman had punched him in the face, police said.

When officers attempted to scan Mack for injuries, he fled, police wrote. Another officer found Mack about a block away near East George Street and detained him as police investigated his claims, the statement details.

Police wrote that they noticed “a strong odor of intoxicating beverage” emanating from Mack.

The statement details that Mack said he ran because he knew the woman would try to get him arrested.

Officers eventually met with the woman Mack alleged punched him, police wrote. Her story differed significantly from Mack’s account, the statement shows.

The woman told police, per the statement, that she and Mack had begun a verbal argument and that she feared the altercation could escalate quickly, so she fled.

Mack caught up to the woman when she tripped, she told police, and sat on top of her and began choking her.

She also detailed that Mack punched her in the head repeatedly, police wrote. Officers wrote that they found marks on her neck, collarbone and head consistent with her account of the assault. Police then arrested Mack.

Mack could not be reached via the phone numbers listed for him in court documents. His court date was not immediately available via electronic court records Tuesday afternoon.