Pennsylvania couple attacked with meat cleaver, police 'think there are going to be Maryland ties'

Pennsylvania couple attacked with meat cleaver, police 'think there are going to be Maryland ties'
Security footage from the Maczis' Littlestown, Pennsylvania, home from Nov. 12 when Aric and Joey Maczis were allegedly attacked by a man and woman unknown to them. (Courtesy photo)

When Taneytown resident Makailah Maczis, 19, heard her phone ringing shortly after midnight Nov. 12 she didn’t think anything of it at first.

But when she saw that her father, Aric Maczis, 44, and stepmother, Joey Maczis, 46, were calling repeatedly she got concerned.


“I knew something was wrong,” she told the Carroll County Times. “I automatically knew something was wrong, so I answered the phone and my stepmom literally told me: ‘Your dad just got the [expletive] beat out of him. He’s going to the hospital. I need you here now.’ ”

Joey Maczis had called from the couple’s home on the 100 block of West King Street in Littlestown, Pennsylvania, in the early hours of Nov. 12 after two individuals allegedly entered the home uninvited — with a meat cleaver, mace and a large wooden rod — and attacked her husband, she said.

Littlestown Borough police arrived on the scene within minutes after calls from multiple neighbors, and told the Times this week they are still investigating the incident — which they believe might extend past Pennsylvania state boundaries.

“I think there are going to be Maryland ties. We’re still actively taking leads, anyone that knows these individuals,” Littlestown Borough police Chief Charles Kellar said on Tuesday.

“We did recover evidence. We do have the cleaver and the mace that the girl was carrying. That has been sent to Pennsylvania State Police for forensic analysis. We are going to try to do DNA and fingerprints that may tell us who it is, but as of now we are still following up on what leads we get.”

In-home security footage shows a white male with a white covering on the top of his head, black covering on his mouth, black sweatshirt and gray sweatpants enter the home with a large wooden rod in one hand and a meat cleaver in the other. Behind him is a white female in a hooded blue sweatshirt and ripped blue jeans.

Makailah Maczis posted clips from the security footage and screenshots of full-body images of the individuals on her personal Facebook page and in various Carroll County community groups — garnering 4,723 shares by Tuesday afternoon on her page alone — in addition to a story from the Hanover Evening Sun and footage from a Fox 43 broadcast.

Also present in the West King Street home that night was the Maczis’ other daughter, Ashley Foy, and her husband Ron Foy, who had been living there since early October.

“My oldest daughter and her husband were up[stairs], and I was trying to get some help from them,” Aric Maczis told the Times, “and the guy chased me, and I don’t know why he stopped at the steps. I don’t know what they were doing, but they were awake in their room and they said, ‘What the hell is going on?’ and they acted like they didn’t hear any damn thing, which I thought was strange.”

The Foys have since left the home. Both family members and police said they have been unable to get in touch with them since the incident.

Kellar said the police would like to re-interview the Foys if they can be located.

Aric Maczis said he is having a hard time recovering from several meat cleaver blows to the head, and that he is not sure what to do now.


“I’ve got my doors locked, had the security team put new cameras in and the whole security system windows doors all that stuff,” Aric Maczis said. “I don’t feel safe. I don’t know what it is. … Like did these people come here to rob us? Did they come here to kill us? To get [the Foys] and we just happened to get in the way?”

Maczis and his wife said though, that help from daughters Makailah Maczis and Shelby Albright has played an important role in coping with the situation and recovery.

Anyone with information that could be pertinent to the case is encouraged to contact the Littlestown Borough Police Department at 717-359-4511.