Kentucky man arrested on narcotics distribution, other drug-related charges

Kentucky man arrested on narcotics distribution, other drug-related charges
John William Moore II (Submitted art)

A Kentucky man was arrested in Carroll County this week in relation to a number of drug charges.

John William Moore II, 39, of Clearfield, Kentucky, was charged with three counts of possession with intent to distribute a narcotic, one count of possession with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance, seven counts of possession of a controlled dangerous substance that is not marijuana, two counts of possession of paraphernalia and one count of possession of distribution equipment, according to electronic court records.


A Mount Airy police officer was patrolling in the area of South Main Street and Ridgeside Drive when he conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle with Kentucky plates, which was driven by Moore, after observing the vehicle’s rear tag lights were not illuminated.

When the officer pulled Moore over, he noted Moore was nervous and his hands were visibly shaking and he avoided eye contact, according to the Statement of Probable Cause. Moore’s eyes also appeared constricted.

Moore told the officer he was traveling from Baltimore back to Kentucky but had gotten lost looking for the Budget Inn, according to the statement.

The officer called another officer with a K-9 to the scene. The K-9 performed a drug scan of the vehicle, which came back positive, according to the statement.

A number of drugs were found in the vehicle, according to the statement. Officers found:

  • six glass vials containing suspected cocaine rocks;
  • two baggies containing suspected heroin;
  • an assortment of about two dozen pills;
  • two baggies containing suspected methamphetamine;
  • a hypodermic syringe with the needle attached in the console;
  • a folded dollar bill containing suspected methamphetamine;
  • a brown bag containing three more hypodermic syringes with the needle attached;
  • clear glass smoking pipe with residue of suspected methamphetamine;
  • a white Walmart bag containing a packaged “choboy,” which is used for filter smoking a controlled dangerous substance.

Moore was also found with $22,100 in an envelope and $227 in his wallet, according to the statement. He told law enforcement he won $5,400 at a casino, but could not provide a receipt.

Moore was held without bond.