Reisterstown man charged with assault, robbery

A Reisterstown man was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly drove off while an individual was hanging on to his car door, dragging him down the road.

Brock Riley Jasmann Jr., 18, was charged with one count each of reckless endangerment, theft between $100-$1,500, second-degree assault, first-degree assault and robbery. He was assigned $20,000 bail and is awaiting a Friday bail review as of close of courts Thursday, according to electronic court records.


According to the statement of probable cause, a deputy of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office was traveling north on Md. 32 on July 11 and observed two vehicles traveling south. One vehicle was following the other, flashing its lights and the driver appeared to be reacting aggressively to the vehicle in front.

After stopping both vehicles, the driver and passenger of the second vehicle said that the occupants of the first car had just robbed them.

The passenger said he had agreed to meet up with another individual to purchase a speaker. The seller, identified as a juvenile, pulled up to the agreed meeting place in a vehicle driven by a person later identified as Jasmann, according to the statement.

The individual told police he had handed over the agreed-upon $100 for the speaker. The vehicle then began to drive away. The alleged victim said he grabbed the car door and was dragged for an unknown distance. He yelled for the driver to stop or slow down, but he did not. The alleged victim then fell away from the vehicle, injuring his arms and back, according to the statement.

The alleged victim’s father then came outside, and the two made chase in their vehicle. The deputy then spoke to Jasmann who said he believed the other vehicle had been tailgating and flashing its lights because he had passed them on the road earlier. He said he did not know who the occupants were.

The deputy then spoke to the passenger of the second vehicle, who said he did not know anything about what had happened or why the other vehicle had been following them. The deputy then asked him to remove his shoes. Two $50 bills were recovered, according to the statement.

Both occupants of the second vehicle were arrested.