Timothy Lee Jamison III
Timothy Lee Jamison III (Courtesy Photo)

A Hampstead man was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly had sexual relations with and harassed a minor.

Timothy Lee Jamison III, 20, of the 3000 block of Carrollton Road, was charged with sexual offense in the fourth degree engaging in a sexual act with a victim who is 14 or 15 years old, stalking, harassment, electronic mail harassment, telephone misuse — repeated calls, and two counts of possessing child pornography, according to electronic court records.


The arrest warrant was issued June 19 and served June 26, according to electronic court records. Bail was set at $10,000 and was posted Wednesday, according to electronic court records.

According to the statement of charges, Jamison engaged in sexual acts with the victim starting in 2017 then began to “stalk” her. The harassment included Jamison locking the victim in his vehicle, threatening her family and showing up at her home, police said.

Jamison came to the victim’s house on Feb. 8 and “pushed his way in” after he was asked to leave, hit the victim and “tried to choke her out,” according to the statement.

The victim told Carroll County Sheriff’s Office she called Westminster police on Feb. 24 due to repeated texts and phone calls — “70-plus times in the last 48 hours” — she received from Jamison after he was told to stop, the statement read. The following day, Jamison allegedly went to the victim’s school and waited for her in the parking lot.

Jamison again came to the victim’s residence in late February, waited for her to come home and prevented her from entering by “blocking her with his body” for several minutes, according to the statement. Jamison was told to leave, but he stayed parked outside for about an hour, police said.

The victim’s parents filed a protective order for their daughter, according to the statement.

The victim told the Sheriff’s Office it was likely that Jamison had nude photos of her and relevant text messages on his phone, so a search warrant was obtained for his device May 7, the statement read. A forensic technician analyzed the cellphone and found messages the victim sent to Jamison asking him to stop and leave her alone, according to the statement. Jamison sent 51 texts and made 220 phone calls to the victim between Feb. 21 and March 1, 2019, according to that analysis.

The review of Jamison’s phone also revealed a text stating he would pick the victim up from school Feb. 25, supporting what the victim told police, according to the statement.

Additional texts and photos supported the claim that sexual acts occurred between the victim and Jamison, including explicit photos of the victim that were classified as child pornography, according to the statement. The victim’s father also texted Jamison and told him to stop contacting the victim, police said.

No attorney was listed for Jamison in online court records. A trial is scheduled for Aug. 21 in Carroll County District Court.