Baltimore woman charged with burglary, assaulting officers in Westminster

Baltimore woman charged with burglary, assaulting officers in Westminster
Dawn Michelle Gress (Courtesy Photo)

A Baltimore woman was arrested Saturday after she allegedly assaulted a couple who returned home to find her in their house. She was later charged with assaulting correctional officers.

Dawn Michelle Gress, 31, was charged on April 21 with six counts including first-degree burglary, first-degree assault and second-degree assault of a law enforcement officer. She was later charged with assault charges in three separate cases filed on April 21 and 22. She is being held without bond, according to electronic court records.


According to the statement of probable cause, officers of the Westminster Police Department responded to a Westminster residence on April 20 for a report of a burglary in progress. Upon arriving, police observed a woman, later identified as Gress, fighting with another woman. On the floor nearby, they observed a handgun, which they secured before separating the parties.

When speaking to all parties present, a man informed the officer that he and his wife had arrived home approximately 15 minutes earlier to observe the back door to the residence open, despite securing it.

Upon entering they encountered a woman, later identified as Gress, wearing items of clothing belonging to them. The man questioned Gress as to why she was in the house and she began yelling at the couple to get out of her house, the man told police.

The man said Gress then came toward them and began hitting the woman, pinning her against the wall, still yelling "get out of my house." Gress then grabbed what the man described as a "pellet handgun" from a safe on the wall and pointed it at the couple, according to the statement.

The man said he attempted to take the gun from Gress as she was using it to strike his wife. As he called 911, Gress struck him in the back and continued to command them to get out of the house, according to the statement.

Gress told police that a friend had recently purchased the residence and told her she could move in because she was in need of a place to stay. She entered through a door that had been left unlocked, and showered and prepared food, she said. She admitted to pointing the handgun at the couple and striking them with it in an attempt to get them out of her house, according to the statement.

She was arrested and transported to Carroll County Detention Center's Central Booking. During transport, she became "disorderly," yelling at the officer and repeatedly spitting on the officer's arm and face.

On three separate occasions on April 21, deputies of the Carroll County Sheriff's Office responded to the Detention Center for reports of assault on a correctional officer.

According to the statements of probable cause, during booking, Gress allegedly threw a fan at a correctional officer and was subsequently placed in a restraint chair.

Later, a correctional deputy said Gress had complained that her restraints were too tight. Upon checking, the deputy observed that Gress had removed her Detention Center issued clothing.

A female correctional deputy responded to assist Gress with placing the suit on properly. When the deputy approached to take the suit, Gress allegedly swung out, hitting the deputy in the mouth.

In a third incident, a correctional deputy entered Gress' cell to retrieve a food tray, Gress allegedly attempted to leave the cell. The correctional deputy physically restrained her to prevent her from leaving. As the deputy was leaving the cell, Gress allegedly spit on the deputy's hand, according to the statement.

A court date is scheduled for June 22.