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Frederick man faces gun and drug charges in Carroll County

James M. Dore, 54.

A Fredrick man was charged with multiple gun and drug offenses in Carroll County.

James M. Dore, 54, of the 500 block of Ellrose Court, was charged with two counts of possession of a controlled and dangerous substance that wasn’t marijuana, two counts of a handgun in vehicle, one count of a loaded handgun in the vehicle, two counts of handgun on person, one count of loaded handgun on person and one count of a stolen regulated firearm, according to online court records. Dore was released on a $10,000 bond.


According to charging documents, police arrived on the scene in Mount Airy to find Dore after getting a call about a driver forcibly striking a guardrail. Police found Dore, who had constricted, bloodshot and glassy pupils, along with the odor of an alcoholic beverage, according to charging documents. Police asked Dore what happened and he told police his vehicle struck a guardrail, heavily damaging the left front of his car while alone in the vehicle. Dore added that he was not injured and didn’t require emergency services.

Police had to retrieve Dore’s wallet from his vehicle, as Dore appeared unstable, and found a Tupperware container with a red lid that contained several plastic gel caps containing an off-white powder on the passenger’s side floorboard. Police found Dore’s wallet next to the container and found 11 more gel caps with the same powder, which police identified as heroin.


The officer further inspected the vehicle to find a handgun in the glove compartment. After running the serial number on the gun, police confirmed it as stolen. The gun was unloaded but two rounds were in the glovebox. The officer found another gun, which wasn’t stolen but was loaded, according to the documents.

Dore has a trial scheduled for Sept. 4.

Dore could not be reached for comment and didn’t have a lawyer listed in online court records.