Anthony Burnette Moore
Anthony Burnette Moore

A Frederick man was charged June 21 after police allegedly found controlled substances in his shorts and vehicle.

Anthony Burnette Moore, 42, was charged with possessing a controlled dangerous substance and possessing a controlled substance with intent to distribute, according to electronic court records. He was held until $15,000 bail was posted — the same day as his arrest, according to electronic court records.


According to the statement of probable cause, a deputy of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office stopped a silver Mercury Milan traveling 11 miles over the speed limit, heading west on Md. 26 in Woodbine, at about 1:34 p.m. The route is a “commonly utilized smuggling corridor from Baltimore to Frederick,” according to the statement.

During the traffic stop, the deputy noticed a “small flip phone in the center console” and a “larger smart phone style cell phone” on the front passenger seat, according to the statement. Multiple phones are a “common characteristic of a drug seller, based on my training, knowledge, and experience,” and flip phones are “easily obtainable and disposable,” according to the statement.

As the deputy asked Moore questions, he “became increasingly nervous,” his “hands shook abnormally,” and the deputy could see “Moore’s breathing patterns in his stomach,” according to the statement.

The deputy returned to his vehicle to look up Moore’s record, license, and vehicle registration, finding the vehicle belonged to a woman Moore identified as his fiancee, according to the statement. The deputy learned Moore had previously been charged in relation to controlled substances, according to the statement.

The deputy then asked Moore to exit his vehicle and lean against the guardrail away from traffic, according to the statement. As Moore walked over, the deputy saw him “grab his groin area and shift himself” which “appeared as if Moore was retaining” an object in his groin area, according to the statement.

Moore told the deputy he was on his way to Baltimore County to “chop it up” with his brother, and the deputy — a former undercover drug detective — recognized the phrase as “common drug slang phrase referring to cutting up controlled substances for resale,” according to the statement.

The deputy asked Moore if his vehicle contained anything illegal inside and Moore said there was a “blunt.” The deputy then said he had probable cause to search the vehicle, according to the statement.

“Moore became more nervous and confrontational. I requested that Moore place his hands on my vehicle hood and he complied,” according to the statement. The deputy asked him to spread his legs for a pat down and Moore tensed up, “as if he was preparing to fight,” and the deputy handcuffed him, according to the statement. The deputy patted down the outside of Moore’s pants and “immediately felt a hard object” that appeared to be a “ball of suspected controlled dangerous substance,” according to the statement. The deputy told Moore he was under arrest and placed him in the police vehicle, according to the statement.

Inside Moore’s vehicle, the deputy found 74.1 grams of suspected cocaine, an amount “significant to indicate possession with the intention to distribute,” according to the statement. The deputy also uncovered an electronic marijuana smoking device and a “small metal device utilized to scoot and snort cocaine,” according to the statement.

Moore’s vehicle was towed and Moore was taken to central booking, according to the statement. While parked outside, Moore allegedly said he had “two and a half ounces” of cocaine on his person, for which he had paid $4,000 and planned to profit $8,000, according to the statement.

Moore, who is black, alleged in an interview with the Carroll County Times that the deputy racially profiled him.

“He tailgated me. He profiled me,” Moore said June 24.

Moore suggested the deputy made assumptions because he was a male driving a vehicle registered to a female.

“I’m a shaker. I have bad nerves,” which is why he shook during the encounter, Moore said.


No attorney contact information was listed for Moore in online court records. A bail bond review was scheduled for Monday.