Enrique Jose Borja Perez Jr.
Enrique Jose Borja Perez Jr. (Submitted art)

A Westminster man was arrested and accused of vehicle theft, kidnapping and a number of other charges Monday, Oct. 1, though the charges stem from a Jan. 3 incident.

Enrique Jose Borja Perez Jr., 32, of the unit block of East Green Street, has been charged with driving without a license; fraudulent identity theft $100 to $1,500; theft $100 to $1,500; theft $1,500 to $25,000; two counts of unlawful taking of a motor vehicle; second-degree assault; false imprisonment; kidnapping; robbery; violation of probation and violation of pretrial, according to electronic court records.


Perez, who was arrested by the Westminster Police Department, continues to be held without bond following a Tuesday bail review.

According to the statement of charges, a witness contacted police after observing a man striking a woman in the parking lot near a residence. The two left in a vehicle before police arrived.

In surveillance video obtained from nearby, the woman appeared to be attempting to get in the vehicle to get away from the man, but he used his hand to prevent her from closing the car door before continuing to argue with her and then striking her in the head with a closed fist multiple times. He then pushed her into the passenger seat and drove away, according to the recounting of the video described in the statement.

Later that day, the alleged victim made contact with police. Marks and swelling were observed on her face the back of her head.

She said she and Perez had argued because Perez was scheduled to appear in court that day and became agitated because he did not wish to appear in court. He began to argue with the woman and when she attempted to leave the situation by getting in the vehicle, he began to threaten her, she said, according to the statement.

The alleged assault resulted in her earnings being torn from her ears and her losing fingernails, according to the statement.

According to electronic court records, Perez was scheduled to appear in court Jan. 3 after he was indicted by a Carroll County grand jury on charges including first-degree burglary.

After the events shown in the surveillance video, Perez said he was going to keep her in the vehicle and drive to a location far from her residence before beating her. He took possession of her cellphone and took money from her wallet.

Concerned for her safety, the woman attempted to jump from the vehicle. On a second attempt, she was successful and Perez drove away in her vehicle in an unknown direction, according to the statement.

It was determined that Perez did not have a Maryland driver’s license. The alleged victim did not give him permission to use the vehicle, according to the statement.

No court scheduling information was available as of 5 p.m. Tuesday.