Ying Chen, left, and Ping Wang
Ying Chen, left, and Ping Wang (Courtesy photos)

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office arrested two employees at a massage parlor in Eldersburg on Wednesday after surveillance and an undercover operation, charging both with operating without a license and one with prostitution.

The Sheriff’s Office received community complaints about Elite Spa, located in the 1400 block of Liberty Road, according to a news release by the Sheriff’s Office, and an investigation by the department determined that unlicensed massage therapists were engaged in prostitution. The Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant at the spa on Wednesday.


Ping Wang, 57, of the 1400 block of Liberty Road in Sykesville, was charged with massage therapy without a license and general prostitution. Ying Chen, 57, of the 14000 block of 58th Road in New York, was charged with massage therapy without a license. According to online court records, Wang is being held on a $10,000 bond and Chen was released on her own recognizance Thursday. According to state sentencing guidelines, Wang could face up to a year in prison and a fine of $500 for the prostitution charge.

According to charging documents, the Sheriff’s Office received multiple messages via Facebook about an “illicit spa” in Eldersburg which included screenshots of advertisements for the spa describing “young and beautiful new girls." The ads used wording that police found to be indicative of illicit activities to include prostitution. Police observed the establishment and saw at least two clients go in and out of the establishment and later made contact with them.

Subject A told police he entered the spa without an appointment, was met in the lobby by an Asian female, taken to the back into a room and then paid $45 for a 30-minute massage. He claimed the female offered to perform a sexual act and “just started” before he consented. Once the sex act was completed, Subject A tipped her $60, according to the charging documents. Subject A said he had gone to the spa every two to three weeks for the past few months for the specific purpose of receiving a sex act. He also said the spa didn’t accept credit cards, only cash.

Subject B told police he called the spa earlier in the day to schedule an appointment for a one-hour massage. He entered the establishment and paid $60 for a one-hour massage. He was escorted to a room by an Asian female where he removed his clothes and laid face down with a towel on top of him. He told police the female massaged him and proceeded to flip him over and began stimulating him. Once the sex act was completed, he tipped her $60, according to the charging documents. Subject B told police it was his second time going to the spa and his first trip had been similar to this one.

Both subjects were told not to return to the location.

On Wednesday, a detective from Baltimore County Police Department’s Vice Unit entered the spa undercover. According to charging documents, as the detective entered, he was met by Wang, who invited him down the hallway and into a room, told the detective he was “very handsome” and gave him a hug. The detective requested a massage, giving Wang $50 to make her leave the room to get change. While she was gone, the detective stripped down to his underwear and placed a towel over him. Wang returned with his $5 change and began massaging him with oil. After getting the detective’s permission, she pulled down his towel and underwear and massaged his neck, shoulders, and back.

According to charging documents, Wang told the detective to flip over and continued to massage him, brushing by his genitals multiple times. Wang then asked the detective a question he interpreted to be an invitation for her to perform a sex act. He ascertained what she meant by that and asked how much it would be, according to charging documents. The detective tried to pay her in advance, but she insisted he pay after. He excused himself to the bathroom and provide fellow law enforcement officers with a “predetermined bust signal” after he handed her $40, according to charging documents. At that time, police detectives entered the spa and arrested her.

They also detained Chen and another man who was in the spa who said he paid $60 for a massage that was to be administered by Chen. The man told police he had been to the spa twice before and detailed his encounters, both of which involved sex acts, according to the charging documents.

The operation seized two massage tables, $3,000 in cash and “Spa” signs.

Wang and Chen have trials scheduled for March 3. No attorneys were listed in court records for either.

Chen could not be reached for comment.