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Police believe pair were moving drugs from Baltimore to West Virginia

A driver allegedly rear-ended another vehicle while driving under the influence on June 26. After searching the occupants and the car, police allegedly found “scramble” capsules on their way from Baltimore to West Virginia.

Randy William Davis, 58, and Brenda Lee Marsce, 54, both of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, were charged with possession of narcotics with intent to distribute and related charges. Davis was also cited for traffic violations including driving a vehicle while impaired by a controlled dangerous substance and reckless driving. Davis was released on $3,500 bail. Marsce was released on $5,000 bail, according to electronic court records.


According to charging documents, members of Mount Airy Police responded to a traffic crash involving two vehicles near the off-ramp from I-70 onto Ridge Road in Mount Airy. One car appeared to have been struck from the rear. The driver of that car said she was uninjured. Davis was the driver of the other vehicle and Marsce was the passenger. A second passenger left the area before police arrived, witnesses said. The charging documents for Davis did not include whether the passenger was later located.

When police spoke to Davis, he appeared to be slow and lethargic with shrunken pupils and he had difficulty responding to questions and the officer saw white residue on his nose, according to charging documents. The officer did a sobriety test, during which Davis said he had snorted “scramble,” a drug mix including heroin and fentanyl, while in Baltimore City earlier that day. Police wrote that he admitted the purpose of the trip was for drugs. After he showed signs of impairment in the sobriety test, police arrested and searched Davis. He was in possession of paraphernalia and crack cocaine, and an envelope of cash, according to the charging documents.


When police spoke to Marsce, she also showed signs of impairment and confusion. Mount Airy EMS responded to take her to the hospital. At the hospital, staff found about 35 capsules containing suspected scramble and two vials of crack cocaine on her person while she was undressing, according to charging documents. Police wrote that 35 capsules was more than the amount a typical user would possesses and was a sign of intent to distribute.

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Davis on July 28. He could not be reached at the number listed in court documents. No attorney information was listed in court records as of Friday.

No attorney or phone number were listed for Marsce as of Friday. A preliminary hearing was deferred, according to electronic court records.