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Sykesville woman sentenced to 18 months for assault, stealing from grocery store

Shana C. Frundt

A jury convicted a Sykesville woman of assault after she nearly hit a grocery store employee with her car after stealing food in August, according to a news release.

Shana C. Frundt, 27, was convicted Friday of first-degree assault, according to a Monday release from the Carroll County State’s Attorney. Prior to the trial, she pleaded guilty to theft and failing to stop after a property damage vehicle accident. Judge Fred S. Hecker sentenced Frundt to six years, suspending all but 18 months. She will also undergo three years of probation following her release.


On Aug. 14, Frundt took approximately $230 worth of merchandise from Martin’s Food in Eldersburg, the release reads. While Frundt was putting the items in her car, she saw a store employee trying to take photos of her license plate, according to the release. She tried to take the employee’s phone, reached into his pocket, then got in her vehicle and made a sharp turn in the parking lot driving rapidly toward the employee, who ran out of the way to avoid being hit, the release states.

Frundt’s vehicle hit a parked vehicle, causing significant damage to Frundt’s vehicle, the release reads. Despite having a deflated tire, Frundt’s vehicle drove away and was abandoned, according to the release.


Maryland sentencing guidelines recommend a sentence between one and six years for first-degree assault, the release states. The state sought a six-year sentence.

After being sentenced Friday, Frundt was immediately taken into custody to begin her sentence, according to the release.

Carroll County Sheriff’s Office investigated the case.

Frundt’s attorney, Robin Ficker, said Monday he thought the sentencing for each charge was “excessive.” Regarding the assault charge, Ficker thought the sentence was excessive considering the employee was not injured. As for the shoplifting charge, Ficker said he does not believe most people in Carroll County would get such a sentence for a second offense.

Frundt was charged with theft in a separate case, prior to the Aug. 14 incident. She pleaded not guilty but agreed not to dispute the prosecutor’s statement of facts, which is functionally a guilty plea. Frundt has yet to be sentenced for that case, which has been postponed due to the courts closing due to the coronavirus.