Shana C. Frundt (Courtesy of Carroll County Sheriff's Office)
Shana C. Frundt (Courtesy of Carroll County Sheriff's Office) (Carroll County Sheriffs Office / HANDOUT)

A woman allegedly tried to hit a Martin’s Food employee with her car in Eldersburg when he confronted her about stealing groceries Aug. 14.

Shana C. Frundt, 27, was released on $7,000 bail Aug. 15, online court records show.


Frundt was charged with first-degree assault, second-degree assault, theft of property valued between $100 and $1,500, reckless driving, driving without a license, failing to give insurance information after being involved in an accident, failing to furnish required written identification after damage occurred, failing to notify the owner of an unattended vehicle of damage caused, and failing to stop after a vehicle accident involving damage, according to online court documents.

A store employee referred to Frundt to police as the “crab leg bandit,” according to the statement.

The employee at the Martin’s at 1320 Londontown Blvd., saw a shopper matching the description of a previous theft suspect and followed her around the store Aug. 14, according to the application for the statement of charges.

He told Carroll County Sheriff’s deputies he watched her leave the store without paying for groceries, then followed her into the parking lot and asked if she paid, the statement reads.

Frundt put the groceries in her maroon Toyota Avalon, shouted at the employee, and tried to drive her car into the employee, according to the statement. The employee moved behind another vehicle to avoid being hit, Frundt’s car struck a white GMC Yukon parked in the lot, and then Frundt fled, the statement reads.

The employee was uninjured, according to the statement.

Security camera footage from the store showed Frundt entering the store with empty bags, taking crab legs from the self-serve freezer bin and putting them in the bags in her cart, grabbing a frozen seafood box from another bin, then walking down other aisles where cameras could not capture what she picked up, according to the statement.

The camera footage showed Frundt leaving the store with her cart full of groceries without paying at 9:48 a.m., the statement reads. Cameras also recorded the incident in the parking lot, according to the statement.

The employee who dodged Frundt’s car took a picture of her license plate, which police used to locate the owner, who resides in the 7400 block of Second Avenue in Sykesville, and told police Frundt lives with him, the statement reads. He said the Toyota Avalon was towed to his residence later that day, according to the statement.

Frundt did not immediately return a call for comment and no attorney information for her was listed in online court records. A court date was scheduled for Sept. 11.