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Carroll County man facing federal child pornography charges has plea hearing set for Thursday

A Carroll County man facing federal charges for producing and receiving child pornography has a plea agreement hearing scheduled for Thursday afternoon in U.S. District Court, according to federal court records.

The man, Shon Brian Beck, has been charged with knowingly coercing a prepubescent female into engaging in sexually explicit conduct for the “purpose of producing visual depictions of such conduct,” and knowingly receiving child pornography, court records show.


The plea agreement hearing will be heard by U.S. District Court Judge Ellen Hollander at 3 p.m. Thursday, according to court records.

According to the documents, Beck allegedly disseminated a series of 11 image files depicting the young girl, which were produced by using a digital camera and stored on a compact flash card.


Should Beck be convicted of the two charges placed against him, he will be required to forfeit any child pornography in his possession, any property that can be traced to profits or proceeds gleaned from the alleged offenses, and any property used or intended to be used to commit or promote the commission of his alleged offenses, according to court records. This includes but is not limited to two computer towers, a compact flash card, flash drives, CDs and DVDs, and a HP 2000 Notebook, with a charger.

Reached by phone Wednesday, a spokesperson for the Maryland’s U.S. Attorney’s Office said she could not comment on any potential plea agreement being considered by Beck and his attorney, or on the case itself.

Joanna Silver, the Maryland assistant federal public defender representing Beck, declined to comment Wednesday.