April White
April White (Carroll County Sheriff's Office)

A Taneytown woman pleaded guilty Thursday in Carroll County Circuit Court to conspiring to cause sexual abuse to a minor and will undergo five years of probation.

April L. White, 40, was charged June 13 with conspiring with Jeremy Blizzard, 21, to cause sexual abuse to a minor, with Blizzard being a household or family member to the victim, according to the indictment. Additionally, White was charged with conspiring with Blizzard to commit a third-degree sex offense upon the victim and contributing to, encouraging, causing, or tending to cause an act that rendered a minor in need of supervision, the indictment read.


White took a plea deal in which she pleaded guilty to the first charge and the state will not seek to prosecute the second and third charges. The Hon. Thomas F. Stansfield handed down the sentence, requiring the first two years of White’s probation be supervised. As conditions of the sentence, White will have to continue counseling and must testify if she is called to appear at Blizzard’s trial.

Prosecutor Mary Burnell of the Carroll County State’s Attorney’s Office said in court that White helped facilitate a relationship between Blizzard and a 15-year-old girl between November and December 2018 despite knowing of the age difference between the two.

Wiping tears from her face in court, White apologized for her actions.

“I made a big mistake, and I’m trying to fix that,” she said. “I’m sorry.”

White’s attorney, Brad Bauhof of Finksburg, said in court there was a “lack of understanding” on White’s part at the time but that has changed.

“She understands what she did was wrong now,” he said.

Outside the court room, Bauhof painted White as an “easily manipulated person.”

“She really didn’t understand the gravity of what she did,” he said. “I think she’s gained perspective.”

White’s warrant was served June 13 and she was released on her own recognizance June 27, online court records indicate.

Blizzard has a jury trial set for Feb. 3-5, online court records show.