For the first time in recent memory Maryland's Presidential Primary is relevant to choosing the presidential candidates. With the Republicans possibly headed to a contested national convention in July, the delegates elected in Maryland and how long they are bound to a candidate could play a role in choosing the candidate if there are multiple votes on the convention floor. Party delegate counts and binding details based on State Board of Elections documents.

Maryland Republican Primary rules at a glance


Total delegates for the state


Delegates elected in each congressional district


At-Large delegates, most are chosen at the party convention in May

Delegates are bound to vote for their assigned candidate for the first two nominating ballots if the candidate reaches 35% of the vote on the first ballot

Congressional district delegates are bound to vote for the candidate with the highest number of votes in their district

At-Large delegates are bound to vote for the candidate who wins the state primary

Maryland Democratic Primary rules at a glance


Total delegates for the state


Delegates assigned to congressional districts based on population and average vote for Democratic candidates in presidential elections


Delegates chosen by the State Party Committee in May


"Superdelegates" (Unpledged Party Leader and Elected Official delegates)

Congressional district and At-Large delegates are allocated proportionally to votes in the state

Congressional district delegates will be split evenly between male and female delegates across the state