Westminster ‘problem-solver’ initiates presidential campaign, says he can solve immigration, health care

Westminster ‘problem-solver’ initiates presidential campaign, says he can solve immigration, health care
A.J. Wildman, of Westminster, is shown Thursday. Wildman declared his candidacy for president on Monday. (HANDOUT)

A.J. Wildman says he can give Americans the solutions to their problems, so he’s running for president in 2020.

Wildman, a 71-year-old Westminster resident, announced the initiation of his “The Solution for Americans Campaign” on Monday. His campaign slogan? Make America Proud Again.


“Between now and the November 3, 2020 President and Congressional election, I will be aggressively promoting my campaign and problem-solving platform for The Independent Party of America (TIPA). The Independent Political Party that I founded,” said Wildman in his announcement. “I refer to the campaign’s platform as ‘An American Agenda’ because it presents publicly acceptable solutions for man of our nation’s problems.”

Two years ago, Wildman told the Times that he intended to announce his entry into the race in early 2018. Wildman, who retired after some 35 years in information technology, works once a week for Carroll Transit System driving minivans and buses with wheelchair lifts.

The author of “The Second Coming of Common Sense,” Wildman lists his platform of more than 40 legislative proposals on his website Among the stated objectives of his campaign are cost-of-living reforms, controlling automated intelligence job elimination and coming up with solutions to climate issues by legalizing hemp, eliminating air travel on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and rebuilding the northern ice cap.

Some of the main problems America is facing, according to Wildman, are immigration, food, shelter and medical care.

“If I get into office, immediately, we will have a complete national registration of everybody in the country,” said Wildman on his plan to address immigration. “We will have a certifiable American national ID, like 98 percent of the rest of the world has been keeping track of their population and controlling immigration.”

According to Wildman, he would end all immigration for about two years while carrying out this plan.

“We’re going to completely reform the entire food industry,” said Wildman. “We have to take the administrative markups out of the process because there’s no reason why the food industry could turn into a public utility. We basically have to take the profitability ... we have to take the stock out of the food industry.”

For housing, Wildman believes the nation should follow New York City’s lead.

“We can have national rent control for housing, just like they do in New York City,” said Wildman. “People just can’t afford rent because landlords jack it up as much as they can.”

Wildman said he wants health care for all Americans by reforming the health insurance industry and pharmaceutical pricing controls. This includes the reduction and freezing of the cost of insulin, Epipens and possibly other drugs as well.

Along with those main issues, there are many more that Wildman believes he has the solutions to such as overpopulation. He said he believes everyone should be able to have access to birth control.

“Birth control needs to be available for everybody,” said Wildman. “I think we should pass out morning-after pills like M&Ms, starting in the eighth grade.”

Wildman also said legalizing marijuana will help in the fight against hard drugs.

“Our newly elected (and scared of us) Congress will immediately – fully decriminalize and legalize marijuana," said Wildman on his website. "It will be legislated as a Small Business Industry, only, and will follow the successful business model set in Colorado. At the same time, we will begin to (finally) aggressively crush the hard drugs industry.”


Along with all these solutions, Wildman would like to bring back the draft but instead of just men, he wants to include women. Wildman also favors the death penalty for premeditated murder, sex with a child and premeditated rape.

Wildman said he believes people are looking for someone stable following Trump.

“After the trauma of Trump, a lot of people are going to say ‘I want the most stable, predictable, non-controversial, hopefully experienced candidate that we can find,'" said Wildman.

After more than 30 years of problem-solving in the computer consulting business, Wildman said he can do the same for America.

“I’m a problem-solver," Wildman said, "that’s what I am, in my bone marrow.”