County shuts off water in Piney Ridge Village to make repairs

The Carroll County Bureau of Utilities shut off water serving the northern part of Piney Ridge Village Thursday afternoon to repair a damaged water main.

A resident sent the bureau an email at about noon Thursday because they noticed a water stain forming on the road, said Andrew Watcher, chief of the utilities bureau.


Between 12 and 2 p.m., utilities workers conducted a field review, investigating the source of the water stain, Watcher said. “It ended up being a 3-inch diameter hole” in the water main.

A water main measuring 8 inches across is a “rather large main for a subdivision,” Watcher said. The subdivision was built in the late 1970s or early ’80s, “so we have to take as much caution as possible.”

The bureau has a patching system that includes wrapping and clamping the compromised area of the main, Watcher said.

Watcher said that the bureau’s patching system cannot be employed, as the damage is expansive. Workers will have to cut a section of pipe out of the water main and add a new piece in its place.

Utilities officials expect the water service to be discontinued through the night and into the morning of July 20.

Residents may experience cloudy water for up to an hour after service is restored, the utilities bureau said in a news release. The cloudy water is not dangerous, but it may taste different, Watcher said.

Northern Piney Ridge residents should turn on their cold water tap and allow water to flow for a few minutes, the bureau says.

This will “clear up the lines,” the release explains.