On Monday, the Veterans of Foreign Wars will dedicate road signs on Route 75 to a Carroll County veteran who was killed in Vietnam in 1968.

Russell Milberry was a Union Bridge native who graduated from Francis Scott Key High School in 1966, according to Union Bridge Mayor Perry Jones.


Jones wanted to take this opportunity to honor a veteran who he felt hadn’t gotten the recognition he deserved.

“There really hasn’t been a lot of recognition for this gentleman. I think in ’68, January 1968, he was killed in Vietnam. And from what I understand, he’s only over there for like five days before he was killed,” said Jones. “There hasn’t been a lot of recognition over the years other than they put his name on the memorial statue at the VFW down here but it’s just like out of sight, out of mind.”

The road signs will be at the southbound and northbound ends of the road.

According to Jones, local businessman Charles Stambaugh talked to him about something being done to honor Milberry years ago.

“Years ago, Charles Stambaugh had talked about that something should be done for Russell because he went to school with Russell and it was kind of overlooked over the years. So, I contacted Del. Haven Shoemaker back in early spring,” said Jones. “I was in Annapolis and took information to Del. Shoemaker’s office and his secretary started working on it immediately and said that was something that they thought was a good idea.”

Jones handed over the event to the VFW after he got it started.

“I kind of got this started with Russell but we’ve handed it over to the VFW because I felt that, being a veteran, that’s something that VFW should be taking charge of,” said Jones.

The road signs will be located at Watson Lane and Winters Church Road, on Route 75 and will be presented Monday at 5 p.m at the Union Bridge VFW at 115 Penrose St.