Upperco fire company purchases land for new consolidated station

Upperco fire company purchases land for new consolidated station
After purchasing land near Md. 30, the Upperco volunteer fire company will begin construction of a firehouse for the new company formed by the combination of companies in Boring and Arcadia. ((Courtesy photo / Scott Boose))

The Upperco Volunteer Fire Company finalized the purchase of land to build a fire station for their company formed from the consolidation of the Arcadia and Boring fire companies.

The property is on 6 acres located at on the corner of Fringer Road and Md. 30 in Upperco and was sold by Donald Lippy, a co-owner of Lippy Brothers Farms in Hampstead, though the land was his personal holding.


After approving the purchase in late February, it was finalized Dec. 18.

The projected completion date is tentatively scheduled for fall 2020, according to a news release from the Upperco Volunteer Fire Company.

Upperco Chief Jeff Wickline believes the move will continue to improve response times.

“This will put us one mile closer to our south box areas and provide quicker access to the main route for our northern box area,” he is quoted saying in the release.

The fire company began looking for a new location for their fire station in September of 2017 when they formed a committee chaired by Mike Robinson, according to a release from the fire company.

Assistant Chief Steve Steinberg chairs the company’s New Station Committee, which partnered with Manns Woodward Studios to design the new station. The designs were approved and are in the funding stage.

The move is part of the consolidation of two fire companies into one when Boring and Arcadia, two neighbors just over the county line south of Hampstead, combined to form the Upperco Volunteer Fire Company in September 2017.

The company frequently provides mutual aid to Carroll County companies for incidents near their jurisdiction.

“After the consolidation, our fire and [EMS] protection district changed. It was decided in the consolidation process that we would choose a new site to better serve all citizens in our new coverage area,” said fire company President Scott Boose in the release.

With the consolidation of the two companies, which were located about 2 miles apart, their leadership felt that the consolidation would give them more manpower and even quicker response times, according to previous Times reporting. Both companies were in good financial standing at the time they merged.

Upperco’s company number is 85 and their engines’ color scheme is dark blue.

No official decisions have been made for the two older stations. The board of directors will address the matter in 2019, Boose said.

The Boring firehouse was renamed the Boring Community Center and will continue to be used for Mason Dixon Bingo and to house their Junior Company.

Arcadia Carnival Grounds will remain in use for larger events like the Upperco Demolition Derby, Upperco Music Festival and various feasts, according to the release.


Both locations are available for rentals throughout the year. Information about fire company events is available at

Those interested in volunteering with the fire company can contact