A sunny day for a carnival in Taneytown

The weather was just about perfect at the annual Taneytown volunteer fire company carnival Tuesday evening — bright sun and in the upper 70s, with just enough breeze to waft those carnival aromas of sweet fried starches and smoked and salty meats — and everybody knew it.

“Beautiful weather,” said Sam Perry, carnival chairman for the Taneytown volunteer fire company. “Things are going good.”


The lawn chairs were out and filled with the audience for the country band Silver Eagle, the line for tickets was long and festive, and many a hand held a pit beef or turkey sandwich. Could people have been hitting the carnival on such a temperate evening in case the forecast, as it had been of late, turned rainy?

“Let’s put it this way, we’ve noticed that if it rains Monday or Tuesday or something like that, then the rest of the week will be crazy busy,” Perry said. “I heard something about storms tomorrow.”

The turnout is certainly a good thing for the fire company, he said.

“It’s our biggest fundraiser. I think we’ve been doing it continually since 1955.”

The Ladies Auxiliary was also at the carnival, running its own raffle fundraiser as well as turning out the food, according to Kathleen Bolduc.

“We do a fundraiser for the fireman to find new fire equipment,” she said. “We serve the food in the kitchen, but all the profit in the kitchen go to the men.”

Not that Bolduc doesn't take a little time for herself to enjoy the festivities.

“I really enjoy the carnival. I like seeing the people and everything,” she said. “My sister will come up on Saturday, and I take my five minutes out and we go play some games and ride the rides. I am going to talk her into riding that ride.”

“That ride,” is the Super Shot drop tower, a towering column that ever so slowly raises a platform filled with seated thrill seekers, building the anticipation and the tension until it reaches the top and finally drops more than half the height at a free fall. It’ a new ride this year.

“That thing came in,” Bolduc said, “They almost didn’t get it in because it’s 56 feet long, and they almost didn’t get it around the corners.”

Two 16-year-olds were brave enough to try the tower, Destiny Drechler, of Taneytown, and Gunnar Rhoten, of Westminster.

“As soon as you get to the top, ‘bam,’ ” Drechler said. “My heart is still pounding.”

“Scared the heck out of me,” Rhoten added. “Dude, I cannot feel my heart after that.”

Still the pair enjoyed themselves, but looked to more tame rides after.


“The Scrambler,” Drechler said. “That's not scary, though I still like it.”

The carnival continues through Saturday in Taneytown, with live music every night and a big money give away on Saturday night.

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