Joe Cosentini
Joe Cosentini (GenaTussey Station House Photography/Courtesy Photo)

Sykesville’s incoming town manager is ready to move back up north to be closer to family and start his new position.

Last week, Sykesville Mayor Ian Shaw announced that Joe Cosentini would be their town’s new town manager.


Cosentini is originally from West Virginia, where he began his career in government, but currently lives in Tennessee and has been there for about six years. He served as town administrator in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee, for about four years before joining the University of Tennessee as a management consultant, according to a news release from the Town of Sykesville.

Cosentini, who will start in his new position Oct. 1, has a background of experience with small towns like Sykesville.

“Both the towns that I’ve managed have been relatively small towns, under 10,000 in population, going through growth spurts, handling master plan revisions and rewrites; those are all things that I’ve had experience with,” Cosentini said in an interview. "All these things are items that Sykesville is going to be dealing with or at least wants to keep doing. "

According to Shaw, Cosentini’s experience stood out in the hiring process.

“His experience advising municipalities and planning, he worked on a master plan, that’s something we got coming up and then just also his fit personally with the community," Shaw said. "He has ties back to Maryland and he’s looking forward to move into Maryland, which is exciting for us to get somebody, hopefully, that’s staying around for a while.”

The main deciding factor for Cosentini to apply for the job wasn’t just about Sykesville’s appeal, but also to be closer to family.

“Sykesville is in an area that I’m pretty familiar with,” he said. “I grew up with West Virginia, I had family in Baltimore, so that I-70 corridor is pretty familiar to me. So that was a big reason, just the familiarity of it and kind of getting back home, been in Tennessee for over six years now. So, we’re getting closer to family, and back home was kind of a big deal to me and my wife now.”

The new town manager was also taken aback by Sykesville’s downtown.

“It’s very quaint, it’s all small businesses, I love it,” Cosentini said. “It really is a gem kind of right there in the middle of southern Carroll County.”

Cosentini worked in Charles Town, West Virginia, for nine years in the roles of city clerk, assistant city manager, city manager, utility board chairman, zoning administrator and city representative, according to Sykesville’s news release.

Currently, Cosentini and his wife are looking for a home in Carroll County but plan to stay with family until they find the right place. Even while searching, Cosentini fully plans to be ready to dive into his new position next month.

“I’m looking forward to get to work, and I can’t wait to meet everybody and get rolling.”

Cosentini will take the place of Aretha Adams, who resigned after one year as town manager.