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New Carroll Board of County Commissioners sworn into office Monday

Monday marked a new start for Carroll County government as the 62nd Board of Commissioners was sworn in.


The new all-Republican board includes District 1 Commissioner Joe Vigliotti, District 2 Commissioner Kenneth A. Kiler, District 3 Commissioner Tom Gordon, District 4 Commissioner Michael R. Guerin and District 5 Commissioner Ed Rothstein. Gordon, Guerin, Kiler and Vigliotti were beginning their first terms, while Rothstein was sworn into his second.

Clerk of Circuit Court for Carroll County, Heather DeWees, Swears in the Carroll County Commissioners, (left to right) Joe Vigliotti, District 1;  Kenneth Kiler, District 2, Tom Gordon, District 3, and Michael Guerin, District 4, and District 5 Commissioner Ed Rothstein who returns for his second term.
Swearing-in ceremony of the new Carroll Board of County Commissioners at the Carroll County Office Building Monday December 5, 2022.

The room in the county Office Building’s Reagan Room in Westminster was packed with family members and friends of commissioners. Each commissioner made a brief statement.


“Carroll County has long shown the way in the modern world by holding to her heritage,” said Vigliotti, the former mayor pro tem of Taneytown. “(The county is) a safe haven for the American dream, a place where you can still determine what you and the future will come to be.

“And that is the kind of work that does not end,” he said. “For what we have is a promise, which depends upon safeguarding and growing what was given to us. That we might ensure the rising generation who is not yet born, will be given something greater than what we now hold.”

Kiler, who served as the president of the Carroll County Board of Education until this week, said becoming a commissioner was both “exciting and humbling.”

“I also want to thank Carroll County for electing the four men that I get to serve with. I’m really excited about this. I look forward to working with them, and I also look forward to working with, and learning from, and meeting many of the directors and staff in this building,” Kiler said.

Gordon said his family “spent many tireless hours to make today a reality, and for that I owe all of you a huge debt.”

He said he appreciated the support of county residents and business owners, “who understood my motivation, why I chose to run.”

“It’s not about me, it’s about us. It’s about this wonderful place we live. What we call home. It’s about the quality of life we cherish and hold dear for our future generations, and that we’re so blessed to have maintained and cultivated for us, by those who came before us,” Gordon said.

Guerin also offered thanks to his family and friends.


“For me today is really a day of gratitude,” he said. “I first want to thank the people of District 4 for their overwhelming support. It’s an honor to represent you in our county ... It’s been a rough few years for our country, which means it’s been a rough few years for our county. But the pandemic is over, new challenges await us.

“... Let us begin a new chapter in our county’s history,” Guerin said. “And in doing so, create a vision from where we want to take Carroll County, and where we do not. Everyday Americans are demanding leadership. A voice, a sound public policy. We, as elected officials, need to give it to them. It will take honest, courage, discipline, hard work, but it must be done. We can do it. It is our duty to deliver.”

Rothstein said “ditto” to everything that was already said by his new colleagues on the board and stressed the importance of transparency and openness for county officials.

“I learned a lot from my colleagues on the last board of county commissioners, and I thank them for their mentorship, their collaborative approach in getting things done,” he said. “We have a long way to go, and I really look forward to my new colleagues of the 62nd board.”

Rothstein said the job of commissioner is about the ability to be selfless.

“It’s having that courage, having the important relationships with the (state) delegation and the Board of Education, having the focus on safety, security in our schools and education, and the quality of life. That’s what we deserve here in Carroll County,” he said.


The first open session for the new board will be 9 a.m. Thursday.