Stratosphere owner wants people to be social, leave 'worries at the door’ once Eldersburg business reopens

A former trampoline park has evolved and will soon reopen as a community and social-based entertainment center.

Stratosphere Trampoline Park in Eldersburg is now Stratosphere Social. It aims to bring together families, friends, colleagues to socialize in a unique space rather than being glued to their screens.


“We talk about social media all the time and and when I had the trampoline park — I talked about this with parents that kids are stuck on the Xbox. Now it’s TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, the list goes on and on," Stratosphere Social owner Bryan Zuber said. "So, I want people to be social, to be with your friends, be with your family, be with your coworkers, actually be in the moment.

"So, that’s where I say be social, Stratosphere Social.”


Pending county and state inspections, Zuber is aiming to start beta testing (updates can be found on their Facebook page) the third week of February and open either the last week of February or the first week of March.

Stratosphere Trampoline Park originally opened in 2014 under Zuber’s first goal of getting kids more active and away from their gaming consoles. But times since have changed and he wanted his business to do the same.

“As any good business owner does, they’re always kind of staying current with trends, seeing where the market goes, what’s good for the community, what’s good for your customers,” Zuber said. “When I had Stratosphere Trampoline Park, my vision and goal there was to get kids out, moving and interacting with one another and that was a great concept. Then as I explored more, it was what can I do for the community? What’s going to benefit our wider range of people? Where’s the market going? There’s always two sides to that coin.”

After much research and investigating, Zuber developed a concept for a family entertainment center.

“I think it’s the coolest place in the county,” Zuber said.

Zuber closed the trampoline park on Oct. 21 of last year, and the same day he closed, he and his staff started the demo for his new plan for the business.

“Literally, we closed the doors at 5 and my staff — we put on gloves and clothes and we literally started tearing this place apart,” Zuber said. “We stopped around midnight that night and for the next three weeks we tore apart about 25,000 pounds worth of debris in the dumpsters.”

There is still a smaller version of the trampoline park that remains in the renovated social space for trampoline dodgeball but much more than that has been added such as an arcade, bowling lanes, Hologate, a virtual reality attraction, and an XD theater dome.

The arcade features some favorites such as Mario Kart, Halo, Nerf and much more. There are eight bowling lanes that can be used based on a time limit that the players decide. The Hologate technology is zero latency, so those that are sensitive to motion sickness don’t experience it while using the virtual reality attraction. The XD theater dome plays 3-D movies that run anywhere from five to 15 minutes and seats eight at a time. The seats within the dome move with the movie, so if there is a movie that features a roller coaster, viewers will experience the ride.

“These are the latest and greatest, state of the art games that are out,” said Joe Dziemianzuk, a third party advisor with Turfway Entertainment Management Group. “Some of these actually go online and the kids can pull up online accounts to play like Halo.”

It isn’t all fun and games, there are also food and drinks offered from the full kitchen and bar.

The menus for both are still being finalized but they intend to offer shareable foods and drinks, according to Dziemianzuk.


Stratosphere social is focused on hospitality entertainment, according to Zuber.

“Our interaction with out customers is hospitality first and then the entertainment will follow. So we, unlike a lot of other places, do full service to the lanes," said Zuber. "So, when you show up with your friends, you could have a lane reserved, we will bring your shoes to you or provide them to you. You will have a server that is up there in the lanes.”

According to Zuber, this hospitality entertainment platform is a way to eliminate having a player go to get a drink or food and the rest of their party having to wait until they come back for their turn.

Those who come to Stratosphere Social won’t have to pay to get in. Customers are allowed to just eat and not play or vice versa, according to Zuber. Prices are still being finalized. Everything at Stratosphere Social can be paid for with an interface card that customers can load to pay for games, bowling time, food or anything else to help them enjoy their time.

According to Zuber, he has been receiving a lot of inquiries about opening, not only from the community but from his children as well.

“The number one question they get is ‘dad, when are you opening, because all of my friends keep asking?’"said Zuber. “They’re thrilled. I think they’re very humbled, so they don’t bring it up a lot. They’re very humble about it but very excited because they want to bring their friends here, they talk about it, teachers ask them questions about it.”

Zuber is a father of three, a 19-year-old, a 17-year-old and a 1-year-old. His eldest, like multiple members of the community, loved the trampoline park before he went off to college.

“He wasn’t really into organized sports much but once I opened this up, all he wanted to do was play dodgeball. I had to force him to stop and eat, literally four, five, six hours just all play, play, play,” said Zuber. “It was crazy.”

According to Zuber, with the trampoline park, the stories he would hear from parents about how much they loved the park and what it had done to get their kids active makes it worth while to him.

“Little stories like that really hit home,” said Zuber.

He said his goal is to provide a place for everyone to come, relax and have a good time.

“It’s more of that vision of an entire community coming together and realizing that this is the staple that’s out there,” said Zuber. “It’s hard to put in just one word it’s more than just a vision. It’s that destination where if you’re having a tough day, you want to have fun.

“The first place you’re going to come here because this is a fun place to be. Leave your worries at the door, leave the confusion, come hang out with your business partners, your friends, your family, your neighbors.”

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