The Carroll County Board of Commissioners at their open session Thursday approved $413,220.30 in spending and purchasing for fiscal year 2019.

The largest single purchase was $202,579 to purchase about 12,100 gallons each of white and yellow traffic paint from Ozark Materials LLC, based in Greenville, Alabama. That purchase — plus another of $47,520 for 88,000 pounds of reflective glass beads, from Pennsylvania-based Potters Industries, to be mixed into traffic paint for safety purposes — were classified as routine purchases by James Cook, chief of the county Bureau of Roads Operations.


The board approved $46,943 for the purchase of a replacement 12-by-56-foot office trailer, from North Carolina-based Mobile Modular, to be used largely for lodging purposes during snow events at the Hodges Salt Facility in Sykesville.

The board also approved the purchase of a $48,391 stainless steel brine maker from GVM, based in Pennsylvania, that can be used to mix water and salt, creating brine to keep roads from freezing over.

The county has a 10-year-old brine maker that is “holding up” but not as efficient as the new one will be, Cook said.

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The commissioners asked if the county would sell or repurpose the brine maker it already owns, and Cook said at least one township had asked about purchasing it.

And the county approved a change order to a contract — awarded to W.F. DeLauter & Son Inc., based in Emmitsburg, in the amount of $57,080.30 — for traffic control work as construction is done on the Schoolhouse Road pumping station and force main.

The contract expects that the company will have to flag traffic for about 60 work days in the area.

The commissioners also approved two grants that were awarded to county departments; both grants required some level of county match.

Carroll County Circuit Court applied for and received a $364,969 grant to run the county’s Adult Drug Court Program. The bulk of the money comes from the state Office of Problem Solving Courts, and the county is required to contribute $4,745 toward the grant as a match.

“Our drug treatment court and others around the state reduce crime, reduce recidivism, save lives and frankly save money,” said Judge Fred S. Hecker, an associate judge of the Circuit Court.

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Hecker said the county match pays for administrative costs and fringe benefits that the grant money cannot be put toward.

And the commissioners approved spending $2,962 in a county cash match for a $11,849 grant that went to the Department of Citizen Services for its programmatic and financial monitoring of its Continuum of Care projects.

All of the purchase requests and grant awards were already budgeted for and did not require additional funding. The votes were unanimous.