Under-construction, proposed projects progressing in southern Carroll County

Snowden Creek, a 55-plus community under construction in Eldersburg is pictured Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019.
Snowden Creek, a 55-plus community under construction in Eldersburg is pictured Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019. (Dylan Slagle / Carroll County Times)

Major projects in various stages of development are moving through the process and coming closer to realization in the Sykesville and Eldersburg communities.

From a senior living development to a proposed subdivision to a planned hotel and restaurant to a mixed use development, southern Carroll County could be on the verge of significant growth.


Snowden Creek

On Oklahoma Road, Snowden Creek, formally known as Adam’s Paradise, a 109 unit age-restricted facility, is currently under construction. The development has been in the works since 2012.

The first phase of inspections for occupancy of the development was done March of this year.

The development broke ground a little over a year ago and was slated for completion this winter. The current completion date remains unknown by county officials, according to Lionel Stickels, permits and inspections bureau chief.

Hoby Wolfe

The Hoby Wolfe property, a concept plan for about 103 lots, is currently under review.

“The plans were submitted and they were reviewed and the initial county review occurred on Sept. 23 of this year,” said Clayton Black, Bureau Chief of Development Review. “County agencies made comments requiring revised plans to be submitted. We’re waiting on resubmittals, that’s where we’re at now.”

According to Black, county staff made comments regarding the layout of the plan and is waiting on the developer to address those comments.

Black also has no idea when the plans will be resubmitted.

It is up to the developer to set an expected date in which they plan to break ground and, according to Black, that time period is unknown to him.

“It’s a 103-lot subdivision so there’s a lot of work to go behind the scenes by the engineer before they can resubmit the plan and maybe that’s what’s going on, or there might be other things. We don’t have an idea when they plan to resubmit," said Black.

Eldersburg Station

Eldersburg Station is planned to include a hotel and restaurant at Londontown Boulevard and Bevard Road. The final package for the development is still in the review stage.

On Nov. 19, the development was discussed at the Carroll County Planning Commission meeting. The purpose of mentioning the development at the meeting was to provide a special report on the project and to request that the planning commission would authorize the chair to approve the plan on behalf of the full commission.

“Whenever we see concept plans, most likely that’s in the planning commission recommendation initially,” said Black at the meeting. “In August 2018, it was not because there were a number of unanswered questions. The bulk of those questions have been answered. And so, what we are proposing, or what staff is proposing is at this time, we feel is an appropriate time to delegate final approval ... in regards to this project.”


The former hospital site is now intended for a mixed-use development in Sykesville.

At the Sykesville Town Council meeting on Nov. 25, new developments at the site were discussed.


“There are some existing wetlands there that will need to be filled in so that those partials can become commercial mixed use,” said Sykesville Town Manager Joe Cosentini. “In response to that, they are proposing that additional wetlands are being built at the back of the property.”

The town had to approve the construction agreement but decided not to make a decision on the Warfield wetlands until they look through all the documents of the construction agreement to make sure they follow staff recommendations and make sure that certain issues are dealt with before it comes back for final approval from the council.

At the end of November, Gov. Larry Hogan announced more than $30 million in Fiscal Year 2020 neighborhood revitalization program, according to a news release.

Of the $30 million, the Warfield development was granted $750,000 for predevelopment activities including asbestos removal, roof repairs, lead abatement, debris removal and stabilization for reuse.