128 new homes to be built in New Windsor over next several years, town says

Over 100 new homes are slated to be built in a New Windsor development over the next several years.

Construction began in June for the development along Md. 31, off New Windsor Road, between Old New Windsor Pike and Church Street. For the next three months, they will continue with major grading work and getting utility construction started and underway, according to the town newsletter.


The development, Snader’s Summit, will include 128 mixed-use units, as well as new water and sewer lines, storm drains and sidewalks, according to Mayor Neal Roop.

Roop in an email that “more homes means more users to help pay for water and sewer loans."

According to Roop, construction isn’t expected to be complete for another three to five years.

The builder is aiming to be able to start model home construction sometime in the fall, according to the newsletter.

Council members Dave Hoffman and Terry Green both expressed a positive outlook on the development and what the revenue from it will do for the town.

“Snader Summit is the last piece of property within the current Town limits that has had the land mass for a development of this size (~128units),” Hoffman said via email. “The development will not only provide the Town with additional tax revenue that can be used for Town projects but will also add units to our water system. Additional units will allow the cost of infrastructure projects to be paid for by more customers, lowering the cost for all. The Developer has been working with the Town Planning Commission for many years and this development should be a real asset to the Town.”

Green said he hopes to see smaller water and sewer fees.

“Snader’s Summit over the next 5 years will increase town revenue with 128 new hookup fees. Our new water treatment system has ability for 200 new addition, I am pleased and hopefully with 128 new homes we can start seeing a decrease in water / sewer base fees,” Green said via email.

Council members Kimberlee Schultz, Ed Palsgrove and Ed Smith did not respond to request for comment.