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Carroll County Del. Haven Shoemaker elected minority whip for Republican caucus

Carroll County Republican leaders are looking forward to working with “a strong team” during the 2022 legislative session, with the reelection of Del. Jason Buckel of Allegany County as minority leader and the election of Del. Haven Shoemaker of Carroll County as minority whip, said Del. Susan Krebs, R-District 5.

“We’re very pleased [Shoemaker] decided to step up this year,” Krebs said this week. “Our delegation works very well together.”


The 444th session of the Maryland General Assembly will run from Jan. 12 through April 11 in Annapolis.

Krebs said the Maryland House Republican Caucus aims to address a number of issues in the 2022 session, such as legislative redistricting and how to move forward during the COVID-19 pandemic. She said legislators would work to ensure area residents have access to health care, even with an overwhelmed system.


Shoemaker was first elected as a delegate in 2015 after serving as a Carroll County commissioner from 2010-2014. He has been a leader in the Maryland General Assembly on public safety and criminal justice issues and was recently appointed to the Judiciary Committee. He served as chief deputy minority whip since April and previously held the position of minority parliamentarian in the House of Delegates.

“It is humbling to be selected by my Republican colleagues during this tumultuous time in our state and nation,” he said. “I look forward to meeting the challenges of the 2022 legislative session as our caucus fights for a better Maryland.”

Shoemaker said this week the goals of the Republican caucus in the upcoming session are similar to those in years past. They include the prevention of tax increases for residents, the protection of liberties and resistance to government overreach.

As legislators address redistricting this session, Shoemaker said, the Republican caucus wants to ensure all residents are adequately represented in the General Assembly. He said he would fight against gerrymandering.

Sen. Justin Ready, who represents Carroll County and serves as the minority whip in the state Senate, said he will work with Shoemaker and Buckel to accomplish common goals, such as dealing with the surge of violent crime in the Baltimore region, addressing cost-of-living issues in the state, and providing parents with the opportunity to be more involved in their children’s education.

The leader and whip run for those leadership positions as a team during the General Assembly’s legislative session. First elected as minority leader in April, Buckel previously served as chief deputy minority whip beginning in 2017.

“I am honored by this show of confidence from my Republican colleagues,” Buckel said. “In 2022, Republicans in Maryland are standing at the precipice of opportunity. Failures of soft-on-crime policies that plague our communities, parents’ lack of voice in their children’s education, and Maryland’s high tax burden and spiraling cost of living all are energizing citizens to demand change. The members of our caucus can provide the change Marylanders still yearn for when we are united in our efforts. … I am grateful for the continued opportunity to lead them.”