No ‘Mixed Emotions’: Rolling Stones caterer buys cakes from Hampstead bakery Snickerdoodles

Snickerdoodles Bakery & Coffee House provided three large cakes for the Rolling Stones' concert in Landover, Maryland. - Original Credit: Abel Ruiz
Snickerdoodles Bakery & Coffee House provided three large cakes for the Rolling Stones' concert in Landover, Maryland. - Original Credit: Abel Ruiz (HANDOUT)

One evening in mid-June, Rob Gonzalez got a work email after hours while he was at home. But it wasn’t cause for Doom and Gloom.

It was a proposal: Would he like to make desserts for a Rolling Stones concert?


He was more than Happy to help. But when it was followed up by a call a couple minutes later, Gonzalez tried to play it off.

“Of course, me being the smart-ass that I am, I was like ‘Rolling Stones?’ I was like ‘eh,’ and I said, ‘Well, hold on, let me ask my wife if she wants to do that.’ And of course, you know, my wife’s going crazy, and I said ‘Yeah, I guess we can do that,'" he said. “It was good.”


No word on whether Gonzalez used Brown Sugar in any of his sweet treats, or whether Mick, Keith & Co. wound up with Sticky Fingers.

Mary Marchetti, the owner of Stageplate Bistro, helps provide backstage catering for high-level celebrities. She subcontracted the dessert-making for a July 3 Rolling Stones concert outside Washington to Snickerdoodles Bakery & Coffee House, the Hampstead business owned by Gonzalez and his wife, Julia.

She had no Mixed Emotions, having already worked with them before on “quite a few” shows, such as Beyoncé and The Who.

“He’ll put the logos of the tour on the cakes, which is always so fun," she said. “He nails it every time, and they’re so beautiful and they’re delicious — everybody loves them.”

This could be The Last Time the Rolling Stones play in this area, but it’s not the first time Snickerdoodles has stepped into the spotlight for its baking prowess. In 2016, the business was also contracted to make cakes for the Baltimore Ravens’ wins, since many players and staff had gotten desserts from there before.

This time around, Snickerdoodles made three large cakes — a chocolate ganache, a cannoli cake and a red velvet cake with the iconic Rolling Stones’ tongue logo — and a slew of pastries, including fruit tarts, petite mousse cups and eclairs.

Can’t get that at Ruby Tuesday.

The cannoli cake was wiped out by the end of the gig.

“They never get it wrong,” Marchetti said.

Originally, the Gonzalez family hoped to bring the desserts to the concert at FedEx Field in Landover, themselves. You Can’t Always Get What You Want, however. Because they didn’t have their own refrigerated delivery vehicle, they drove the desserts part of the way and met one of Marchetti’s associates to pass them off.

“Rob asks me all the time, he’s like ‘Why don’t you use a fancy D.C. cake baker?’” she said. “I’m like, [be]cause Rob, you’re the best, and I’m going to drive to you, and we’re going to get it done. And he nails it every time.”

It’s All Over Now. And though Gonzalez is a Rolling Stones fan and the recognition is nice, at the end of the day, he knows it’s just about doing his job well.


“I do it just because I know I like to make things that I know people enjoy eating,” he said.

In other words, this is how Gonzalez gets job Satisfaction.

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