Judge Designate Erin Danz on new position, life in Carroll

Monday, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced his appointment of Erin Danz to a 10-year term as a judge in the Carroll County District Court .

Danz, a nearly lifetime resident of Carroll County and long-time litigator here, most recently worked as departmental prosecutor for the Maryland State Police. She earned her bachelor’s degree from then-Western Maryland College, now McDaniel College, and her law degree from the University of Maryland School of Law.


In the district court, Danz will have jurisdiction over cases that affect many in the county, including traffic cases, criminal misdemeanors, some felonies, and civil cases up to $30,000. She fills a seat vacated by Judge Joann Ellinghaus-Jones, who retired in June of this year.

Before Danz is sworn in, The Times spoke to her about her history as an attorney in Carroll County and the values she will uphold while on the bench.

Q: What is your official title now that you were appointed as a judge by Gov. Hogan?

A: I am Judge Designate Danz until I am sworn in.

Q: When do you begin your duties?

A: I will be sworn in on January 5, 2018 and begin work on Monday, January 8th.

Q: Did you apply for this position? Was it a difficult process?

A: I did apply for the position. The application is very detailed and the vetting process is quite thorough

Q: How did it feel to learn that you had been appointed to this position?

A: I was honored to be chosen my Governor Hogan. I am excited to begin serving Carroll County in January

Q: Currently you work as an attorney in Carroll, correct? How long have you been in that profession?

A: I began my legal career as a law clerk to the Honorable Donald J. Gilmore. I then was an Assistant State's Attorney for Carroll County from 1988 to 1997. In 1977 I began working for the law firm of Stoner, Preston & Boswell, Chtd., eventually becoming a partner. I accepted a position as an Assistant Attorney General in 2009. I decided to open my own law firm in Carroll County in 2010 where I worked until taking a position as the departmental prosecutor for the Maryland State Police in January 2017.

Q: As an attorney, what do you specialize in?

A: Criminal and civil litigation.


Q: What appealed to you about moving to the position of judge?

A: Having lived here since the age of 2, I have had the opportunity to witness Carroll County's exciting growth from a small rural community to a vibrant suburban area. Now, having raised my family here, I am further invested in its future. I believe my legal experiences and knowledge of the county will allow me to make a positive contribution to its citizens.

Q: Are there character traits or skills that you expect will be important in this position?

A: I believe a judge should be courteous, patient and impartial. Additionally a judge must be able to assess the character and credibility of those appearing before him/her.