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Union Bridge Mayor Perry Jones becomes first Maryland Municipal League president from Carroll County in 2 decades

Union Bridge Mayor Perry Jones recently was announced as the president of the Maryland Municipal League.

It’s been less than a week since Union Bridge Mayor Perry Jones started his term as president of the Maryland Municipal League, the first Carroll countian in more than two decades to hold the position.

The process was about two years in the making. According to Jones, he announced in fall 2018 that he was going to run for president-elect. He won. The following year, someone could have run against Jones. But, since no one did, he moved up to the position of president. He began his one-year term on June 30.


Jones represents 157 municipalities in the state of Maryland as the second Union Bridge mayor and the sixth Carroll County mayor to hold the position, according to Jones. As president, he works in the MML to package bills that might affect the towns, put those bills together and lobby with state legislatures, he said.

“We have people there almost every day, through the MML office, that are watching the bills and trying to get bills passed that has something to do with our towns and cities,” said Jones.


Jones hopes to continue to lead the MML in the largely nonpartisan way it has been.

“When we go into the office [in Annapolis], because we’re representing 157 municipalities, we forget the D’s [Democrats] and the R’s [Republicans],” said Jones. “When we go in that office, we’re people. We’re trying to take care of what’s good for the towns. So, it’s not whether we’re Republicans, Democrats or whatever, that’s left outside and we put our bills together, we work together as a group.”

The most recent Carroll countian to hold the position was Jack A. Gullo, Jr., of Windsor (1999-2000). The only other MML president from Union Bridge was Edward L. Williar (1961-62).

Union Bridge mayor Perry Jones speaks July 1 after assuming the position of Maryland Municipal League president the previous day in this screenshot from YouTube. Jones is the first Carroll countian to be MML president in more than 20 years.

Jones is proud to hold the position.

“It’s a great honor that the other municipalities, people of the state of Maryland, trust me to be their president and to represent them in Annapolis,” said Jones. “We do a lot with our governor and our legislators, so we meet with them on a regular basis — it’s just an honor to have all these other people that have faith in me to give me that honor.”

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In the New Windsor newsletter, Mayor Neal Roop congratulated Jones on his presidency.

“I want to recognize Union Bridge Mayor Perry Jones, a friend to many of us in New Windsor, will be serving as President of the Maryland Municipal League for the 2020-2021 term. Congratulations Mayor Jones,” Roop said in a message in the town’s newsletter.

A former county commissioner, Jones’ experience in government are qualities that he said make him right for this position.


“I’ve been involved in county government and municipalities,” said Jones. “I’ve been with the town of Union Bridge, I started as a council person, then moved up to mayor, I was county commissioner for a four-year term and came back. So I think I understand government, I have a good working relationship with the people. Basically, it’s just having an ear and being able to work with your colleagues and do what’s best not just for my town but for the whole state of Maryland.”

To the 157 municipalities he now represents, with racial injustice being a major issue, Jones wants people to treat each other equally.

“The biggest issue right now is that everybody is talking about the racial injustice, working with the different towns and stuff, making sure that they’re working with their police departments and everybody’s on the same page,” said Jones, noting that everyone has to work with the police and show them respect, and the departments must do the same. “The thing today is everybody saying, ‘black lives matter,’ but I think what we have to really believe in is that all lives matter.

“That’s my goal, is that we have to teach our people that everybody’s equal, forget the color. You treat everybody equal; treat people the way you want to be treated.”