PEEPshow results: Caterpeeper wins grand prize from annual Arts Council fundraiser

The Carroll County Arts Council's 11th Annual PEEPshow attracted more than 24,000 visitors, many of whom voted for for their favorite marshmallow masterpiece in this fundraiser that was held March 29 through April 10 at the Carroll Arts Center in Westminster.

A total of 157 entries were submitted this year with more than 36,500 Peeps used to create the works of art which ranged from sculptures and mosaics to dioramas and films. Although the total is still being calculated, the Arts Council expects to raise a significant amount of money from this fundraiser that supports many diverse arts programs throughout the year.


Voting was done in person and online. Awards were presented at the closing ceremony on Tuesday, April 10. All winners received a goody bag with Peeps & Company merchandise and gift certificates, a souvenir trophy hand-crafted by artist Thomas Sterner, and free registration for next year's PEEPshow.

The Very Hungry Caterpeeper, created by Lia Finch and M, was the leading vote-getter and grand prize award winner at the 11th annual PEEPshow, held at the Carroll Arts Center in Westminster.
The Very Hungry Caterpeeper, created by Lia Finch and M, was the leading vote-getter and grand prize award winner at the 11th annual PEEPshow, held at the Carroll Arts Center in Westminster. (Courtesy photo)

The Grand Prize winner, with 5,664 total combined votes, was "The Very Hungry Caterpeeper" by Lia Finch and M. The grand prize winner received a sterling silver Peep keychain, a special VIPeeps visit to Just Born, the maker of PEEPS® in Bethlehem Pennsylvania, and an overnight stay at the Historic Hotel Bethlehem.


The winner of best video received an annual pass for all Arts Council movies and their winning video will be screened before the free summer movie "The Boss Baby" on June 19 at CCAC.

The Audience Favorite winners were as follows:

In-person voting

  • 1st Place with 5,201 votes, “Traveling the World with My Peeps – We Go There!” by Royal Palms Travel
  • 2nd Place with 3,829 votes, “I’m Late, I’m Late (for the PEEPshow)” by Vivian Davis
  • 3rd Place with 3,649 votes, “Krusty’s Wild Ride” by Christian Twamley
  • 4th Place with 2,472 votes, “Peeper Rabbit and His Peeps” by the Somervinhotts
  • 5th Place with 2,266 votes, Bobsledding Bunnies” by The Myers Family
  • Best film with 1,152 votes, “SPeepCA” by Blake Pierson

Online voting

  • 1st Place with 324 Votes, “Pua and Hei Hei” by Kasey Nicholson
  • 2nd Place with 223 Votes, “Peeps on Black” by The Odam Family
  • 3rd Place with 187 Votes, “Rufus the Leopard Gecko” by Julia Smith
  • 4th Place with 170 Votes, “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue” by Hazel Helm
  • 5th Place with 156 Votes, “Wrapped in Peeps” by Toni and Rob Vargo

Sponsors’ choice awards

  • Edward Jones: “K1 P2 (Knit One, Peep Two)” by Peggy Petenbrink & Cherie Casey
  • Carroll County Office of Tourism: “Peep Slush” by The Dunworth Family
  • New Windsor State Bank: “All Peeps are the Same on the Inside” by Debee & Kyle Taylor
  • Quantum Internet & Telephone” “PEEPs on Earth” by The Osborne Family

Special achievement awards

  • Group Effort: “Peep Floss” by Carroll County Dental Associates of Westminster, “Peep Tooth” by Carroll County Dental Specialists of Finksburg, and “Peep Toothbrush” by Finksburg Dental Associates.
  • Movie Representation: “Hector: Day of the Peep” by Annie, Naomi & Josie Wagner
  • Best Message: “Kindness is Magic” by Robert Moton Elementary Diversity Club and Makerspace
  • Book Representation: “Captain Underpeeps” by Nadia, Kaden & Kaia Tapino
  • Neat is Nice Award: “Namaste Peeps” by Westminster City Department of Recreation and Parks
  • Historic Representation: “Bonnie & Clyde” by Rebecca Morgan
  • Nature Nut Award: “It’s a Peeper!” by The Dudley Family
  • Director’s Choice: “Queen of Peeps” by Cindy May and Double Diamond Construction
  • Staff Choice: “Wrapped in Peeps” by Toni & Rob Vargo
  • Best Use of a Single Peep: “The Peeple’s Princess” by Mary Brown
  • Tastiest Entry: “Peep Sushi” by The Koenig Boys
  • Perfectly Pop Art: “Peeps on Black” by The Odam Family
  • Sportsman’s Choice: “Bobsledding Bunnies” by The Myers Family
  • Storybook Character: “Peeper Rabbit and His Peeps” by the Somervinhotts
  • President’s Choice: “Peeps Cream Cone” by The McMahon & Abernathy Families
  • Business Representation: “Piggy Bank Peep” by The Financial Center
  • Viva Mexico Award: “Day of the Peeps” by Faith Mauler

Artistic achievement awards

  • “Rooster & Peep” by Jeanne Porter
  • “Hide & Peep” by McKinzie Lefstein
  • “Spring Peep” by Helena Prichard

Guess how many

There were 8,304 Teenee Beanee jelly beans in the "Guess How Many" exhibit. The winner was Verity who guessed 8,305 – off by just one jelly bean!

For more information and photos of some of the entries, go to www.CarrollCountyArtsCouncil.org.

Sights and sounds from the 11th annual PEEPshow at the Carroll County Arts Council in Westminster.

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