South Carroll: AeroModelers Club seeking aviators; chili cook-off and car show coming to Mount Airy

These images show several semi-scale electric powered aircraft from slightly different angles. These are typical sport flyer models that range in size from less than 2 feet to about 4 feet in wingspan, that weigh from 6 ounces to a bit over 2 pounds.
These images show several semi-scale electric powered aircraft from slightly different angles. These are typical sport flyer models that range in size from less than 2 feet to about 4 feet in wingspan, that weigh from 6 ounces to a bit over 2 pounds. (Courtesy photo)

Get ready to fly with the South Carroll AeroModelers Club in Sykesville.

The South Carroll AeroModelers Club is currently looking for new members who are passionate about airplanes and who would like to become members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). Their next meeting will be on July 6.


Casey Sterbenz, president of the South Carroll AeroModelers, said in an email interview that everyone is welcome to join the club.

Sterbenz said they will offer introductory flying lessons using club trainer model aircraft to people of all ages and backgrounds — including those who have no experience.


“We are more than happy to work with beginners who want to fly and who might be interested in learning to build a model,” Sterbenz said. “There are many almost-ready-to-fly aircraft available that take only a few hours to assemble and make them flight ready.”

In addition, Sterbenz explained that they will be offering intermediate flight training for those who would like to transition from trainer to sport aircraft, from high wing to low wing aircraft, from tricycle gear to conventional gear (tail dragger) aircraft, and basic aerobatics.

According to Sterbenz, the club operates under rules established by the AMA and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Those interested in being part of the club must become members of the AMA and must have a registration number from the FAA.

One of the many benefits of being a member of the AMA is that they offer insurance coverage.

Please note that the AMA offers a free three-month membership. Regular adult membership is currently $75 per year and youth membership is free for kids.

To become a member of the South Carroll AeroModelers Club, the annual membership fee for adult members is $80. The registration fee for new members is $20, and youth members are assessed a $10 annual membership fee, though no registration fee is required for new youth members.

To become a member of the AMA, you may visit their website at www.modelaircraft.org/joinrenew.aspx. You may register to the FAA by visiting its website, https://registermyuas.faa.gov/.

AMA operates on the grounds of the Springfield Hospital Center, located at 6655 Sykesville Road.

For more information about the club and other activities they host, you may contact Sterbenz at sterbejj@hotmail.com.

Home Town Chili Cook-Off & Custom Car Show

Get ready for the Home Town Chili Cook-Off & Custom Car Show, brought to you by the Mount Airy Main Street Association and four Lions Clubs in Carroll County.

This June 15, come and enjoy your time with your family and friends at the event, where local restaurants will compete for the title of the “Best Chili in 21771” and the cars will compete in the “People’s Choice” competition.


Admission to this event is free and it will run from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m.

Pamela Reed, Mount Airy Town Council member and president of the Mount Airy Main Street Association, said this will be the first time this event is held.

Reed explained that they hosted the “Main Street Heat” for about eight to 10 years but they decided to reinvent themselves and this is how they came up with the idea of hosting the Chili Cook-Off.

Throughout the event, she said, people will enjoy live music and they will have a “Kids Corner” with activities sponsored by Backyard Inflatables.

Also, she said, they will have local craft beers and wines and the attendees will have the opportunity to dine and shop along historic Main Street.

She explained that this year, for the Custom Car Show, they will have custom cars all over the downtown area and they will cash prizes for the winners.

In addition, the restaurants that participate in the Chili Cook-Off will be competing for the coveted Stanley Trophy.

According to Reed, the purpose of the festival is to raise funds for the Mount Airy Main Street Association and the Lions Clubs in Carroll County. These organizations help less fortunate families and other causes that affect our community.

For more information, you may contact Reed at her email, reedpa01@yahoo.com, or visit the Town of Mount Airy’s website, www.mountairymainstreet.org.

Backyard Beekeeping at Eldersburg library

This June 15, the Eldersburg branch of the Carroll County Public Library will be hosting the program Backyard Beekeeping, where kids and adults will be able to learn about beekeeping’s benefits for our environment.

The program will be presented by Karen Henderson. She has been a beekeeper since 2013 and she is a co-owner of GlassBee Apiary in Carroll County.

Throughout the event, she will speak about honeybee social organization, food and shelter requirements, the role of the beekeeper, and the current state of beekeeping in Maryland and beyond.

The program is targeted to kids ages 6 to adults, and it will start at 1 p.m.

You may register today by contacting the library at 410-386-4488.

The Eldersburg branch library is located at 6400 W. Hemlock Drive.

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