New company Bricks to You! caters to Lego-lovers

The Sullivan family has been bitten by the Lego bug. “My son loves his Legos,” said Lisa Sullivan, the mother of 5-year-old Josh. “He just loves to build with them.”

The family’s Lego odyssey, one that would find them visiting Legoland instead of Disney World on a recent Florida vacation, began with Bricks to You! at a fundraising event. The only business of its kind in Carroll County, Bricks to You! provides mobile Lego-themed parties and events. And young Josh couldn’t get enough of it.


“He was at that table the entire fundraiser,” said Sullivan of Eldersburg. “We’re talking hours.”

And with Josh’s fifth birthday approaching, there was no doubt what kind of party he would have and who would provide it. “That’s how it all began,” said Sullivan.

Sherry Mobley understands. “There’s something about Legos,” said Mobley, owner and self-described brick builder of Bricks to You! A middle school teacher, Mobley came up with the idea for Bricks to You! two years ago. Prior to that, “I was working part-time at Snapology in Columbia,” she said.

However, after Snapology, a Lego center, closed, the owner encouraged Mobley to go out on her own. Mobley decided to give it a try. By then, “I had come to realize how popular Legos really are,” she said.

Mobley’s idea behind Bricks to You! is to create a highly interactive environment that encourages young imaginations and team work. All while having fun. Themes run the gamut from superheroes to Disney princesses. No kits are used, and children participate in free building using loose Legos or Duplos for very young children.

Josh, whose 7-year-old sister Kayley also enjoys Legos, chose the superhero theme for his party, which included mostly family and encompassed a wide range of ages. “There was a 12-year-old, a couple of 3-year-olds and everywhere in between,” said Sullivan.

Sullivan was concerned how Mobley would keep the entire group engaged. “But whether it was boys or girls at whatever age everything she did they all enjoyed,” said Sullivan. “That’s hard to do. I was impressed.”

For example, keeping to the theme, Josh and his fellow partygoers were instructed by Mobley to make a superhero character first. “Then she asked what each superhero’s powers were,” said Sullivan. “After that they took the superheroes apart and built what vehicle the superhero would use, a car, plane or boat. And then they talked about that.”

“We may give them pictures or suggestions,” explained Mobley, “but really we want them to use their own imagination and creativity to build whatever they want. It doesn’t have to look a certain way. All kids are different.”

Birthday parties also include Lego bingo, guess the number of Legos in the jar and a team activity in which the kids compete to build the highest tower. With a twist. “It can’t fall over when I pick it up,” said Mobley. “The kids really get into it. Some of them will race hard to make it real tall and then the second it’s moved it falls over. Others, you can tell they are going to be future engineers, are building a really strong base and making sure it doesn’t fall over.

And the kids aren’t the only ones enjoying the parties. For many who grew up with Legos it is an opportunity to revisit their youth. “There’s always a handful of adults who will sit down and start building, not just with their kids but on their own,” said Mobley. “They will say, ‘Oh my gosh, I have my Legos from when I was a kid.’ Or, ‘My mom still has my Legos somewhere in the attic.’ They are timeless toys.”

Besides birthday parties. Mobley, working with her 19-year-old daughter, Emily, also travels to such events and activities as farmers markets, camps, businesses and fundraisers. In the case of fundraisers, Bricks to You! provides their services for free. “We have also donated Lego baskets, free parties and gift certificates,” said Mobley.

An especially popular event is the Kids Lego Night at nearby Denny’s restaurants which Mobley does every couple of months or so. Her first Kid’s Lego Night was at Denny’s in Eldersburg shortly after she began Bricks to You! She also does Kid’s Lego Night at Denny’s in Westminster and Edgewood in Harford County.

“It’s phenomenal,” she said. “Kids everywhere.”


Much like a recent Thursday night at Denny’s in Eldersburg. The restaurant was packed as children gathered at a table full of containers of Legos. Building projects ranged from flowers and dogs to spacecrafts and an oil rig. The possibilities were endless. And for two specific youngsters a bit overwhelming. Sitting side by side, 6-year-olds Zoey Bucior and Braden Chaney struggled not only to make up their minds what they wanted to build but who was building what.

“I’m building a spacecraft,” said Zoey. “I’m building a house,” said Braden. “I’m building a house now too,” said Zoey. “Let’s trade,” said Braden. They switched seats taking over each other’s projects before deciding with big grins, “We are both building houses!” A perfect example of the freedom loose Legos and a good imagination can provide.

“This is always a big night for us,” said Chrissy Seipel, general manager for Denny’s. The restaurant, she went on to explain, sees a big increase in revenue on Lego nights. “We’ve seen profits double,” she said, “And everyone has a good time.”

Noel Richman and her three children were attending Kid’s Lego Night for the first time. The choice was easy, said Richman. “Anything with Legos they are interested in,” said Richman of 10-year-old daughter Kennedy, 12-year old son Michael and 14-year-old son David. “And it’s nice because it cuts across gender and ages. Some things my daughter might like and some things my boys might like. This is one thing all three of them enjoy.”

Mom did, too. “I started them off with my Legos from when I was a little girl,” said Richman.

According to Kennedy, oldest brother David is the true Lego champion of the family. “He’s fast. He can put together a 500-piece set in 30 minutes,” she said proudly.

Among the crowd of kids at the table that Thursday night at Denny’s was Josh. No way was he missing Kid’s Lego Night said his mother with a laugh. “Every week he is asking, “Is it Legos at Denny’s yet? Can we go to Legos at Denny’s?” she said. “We count down the days.”

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