New Windsor wins grant funding for stabilizing Dielman Inn foundation; water main repairs ongoing

New Windsor’s Town Council meeting Wednesday evening shed light on pending stabilization work on Dielman Inn, ongoing water main repairs and the renovation of a town building nearing completion.

At the end of last month, Gov. Larry Hogan’s administration announced more than $30 million in fiscal year 2020 neighborhood revitalization program awards. As part of those awards, New Windsor was awarded a grant of $350,000 from the strategic demolition fund toward the stabilization of the Dielman Inn, according to the news release.


Natural deterioration of the mortar in between the stones is probably the biggest issue with the historic building, seeing as the foundation is over 200 years old, according to New Windsor Mayor Neal Roop.

“Stabilization will result in leveling floors, straightening walls and ending further damage to the foundation and structure,” he said.

The state funding covers about 50 to 75 percent of the total estimated cost of stabilizing the property, according to Roop, but he plans on applying for more grants to cover the remaining costs for the development.

“I’d say it’s a high priority to stabilize the foundation as soon as possible to prevent further deterioration of the foundation,” Roop said in an email.

Roop foresees work to stabilize the Dielman Inn starting in the early part of 2020 when the weather is warmer, but at the end of the summer at latest.

After the stabilization is complete, Roop has hopes for growth from the Dielman Inn.

“I would like to see several new businesses open up once interior restoration was completed,” he said.

Repairs to water main

The council also addressed a water pipe leak that has caused some concern among New Windsor residents. According to Town Manager Gary Dye Jr., there was a 6-inch water main break on Main Street on Nov. 14.

“We did have some problems with closing valves and trying to isolate the area,” Dye said. “Our valves, particularly in this area of town, were very very old, and many are not operational or only partially operational. We closed the valves we could, we opened two fire hydrants to help reduce the water pressure in the area. We couldn’t get it down very much but it was, fortunately, enough for Mid-Atlantic [Utilities Inc.] to make repair.”

Councilman Ed Smith also wanted to address financial concerns of New Windsor residents.

“This in no way affects anybody’s water bill. The fact that water is pouring out of there has no effect whatsoever on individual water bills," Smith said at the meeting. “To make it very clear, this has no bearing on individual bills ,and it has no bearing on whether or not water is available. There’s not a water shortage, and it’s not affecting individual bills."

In a Thursday statement posted to Facebook, Roop detailed repair work that was being done Thursday and Friday. He did not offer a firm timeframe for when the repair work would be completed.

Town building renovation

At the end of the council meeting, Roop also announced that the next town council meeting will be held in the newly renovated addition to town hall, located at 209 High St., on Jan. 2 at 7 p.m, as opposed to their usual meeting place of 1100 Green Valley Road at the Carroll County Public Library branch.

The 209 High St. building used to serve as the town’s fire hall, but the town bought the building March 15 earlier this year and the renovations started on July 29.


The renovations include a new reception area, a new town meeting hall, American with Disabilities Act-compliant renovations to the bathroom, an ADA-compliant ramp and additional parking space, according to Roop.

Now, some cleaning is all that needs doing before the renovations will be wrapped up, according to Roop.