Mount Airy election results: Reed, Munder and Poirier win Town Council seats

Mount Airy election results: Reed, Munder and Poirier win Town Council seats
Candidates for Mount Airy Town Council, and their supporters, mill about in front of the Mount Airy Volunteer Fire Company Activities Building on Monday during the town's municipal election. (Akira Kyles / Carroll County Times)

Mount Airy residents made their way to the polls to cast their ballots for the Town Council on Monday, although the outcome was decided four days earlier when one of four candidates for the three open seats dropped out of the race.

Pamela Reed finished with 306 votes, Karl Munder had 301 and incumbent Jason Poirier 290. Turnout was low with only 404 ballots cast out of 6,852 total eligible voters.


“One of the very first things that we’re going to be taking a look at is making sure that our Mount Airy Police Department has a lifelong home for years to come — so 25 to 30 years out they have a central location,” said Poirier, referring to a permanent location for the force. “One of the next things is making sure that Center Street goes through, we have the commuter ability to go through Main Street and to make sure that our economy grows with Center Street.”

Other than catching up on some well-deserved rest after the election, Munder intends to get to work.

“I would like to try and start getting my feet under me and reading all the documents that have been in to pass to try and catch up,” said Munder. “I know I’m a good candidate to hit the ground running, but there’s some background information I want to check on.”

Reed intends to dive into the downtown vision plan.

“I think we need to focus on the downtown vision plan for revitalizing our main street. I think for me that would be a priority going into it,” said Reed.

Current councilmen Peter Helt and Bob King opted not to run again.

Candidate John Stuehmeier dropped out of the council race on Thursday, citing “unexpected” and life-changing events that are causing him to move out of Mount Airy, thereby disqualifying him for the post.

In the afternoon, there was low foot traffic to the polls at the Mount Airy Volunteer Fire Company Activities Building but residents still came out to perform their civic duty despite the race having already been decided.

“The point of the matter is I came to vote for one candidate specifically, there’s only three on the ballot and three spots open but I feel like it’s my duty to vote in any election,” voter Jim Hegerich said. “The only change that I’d like to see in Mount Airy is I think they wasted money on the police force, not that they’re doing a bad job but it’s way out of the budget for what the town should be spending.”

Voter Karen Hilderbrand was concerned about the town’s growth.

“I think Mount Airy is growing at a much faster pace than I think a lot of people would like to see so I want to make sure the right people are on the town council to keep that in check,” she said.

Before voters went inside, they could talk to the candidates at their tables set up in the parking lot. The police department seemed to be on the mind of a lot of them.

“I really appreciate the public safety aspect of it and Mount Airy got a new police department, which is awesome,” Matthew Jordan said. “Small towns with their own police departments are great, they get better interactions with the community, they know their community better than like a larger agency that has so much area to take care of, so that’s big for me.”