Freezing rain could cause Tuesday morning delays in Carroll County before turning to rain midday, forecasters say

Freezing rain and sleet could cause school delays and traffic snarls Tuesday morning, depending on when temperatures rise above freezing in Carroll County, according to forecasters.

“I am not seeing temperatures really rising above freezing until about midmorning,” said Keith Krichinsky, executive director of Foot’s Forecast. “I would anticipate there could be some school delays. It only takes a degree or two.”


Roads remained wet Monday evening following snowfall that forced Carroll County Public Schools to close, and McDaniel and Carroll Community College to close early Monday. Krichinsky measured the snowfall at about 3 inches by Monday afternoon and said most areas of the county got roughly 2-3 inches.

He said that moisture on the roads could freeze overnight. Further freezing rain appeared likely, he said, based on the radar at around 6 p.m. Monday evening.

“I see a lot of precipitation out in the western part of the state and around Pittsburgh that will be headed our way overnight,” he said. “That will continue until probably right around rush hour.”

That’s in line with what the National Weather Service is calling for as well, according to meteorologist Cody Ledbetter.

“I would still expect some freezing rain up in that area. We are still looking around one-tenth to two-tenths of an inch,” he said. “It should end probably by 7 a.m., give or take an hour or two. That’s when our winter weather advisory expires and that’s when we are expecting it to get out of here.”

Temperatures could remain at freezing or below until 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Tuesday, Ledbetter said, so it could take time for rain to clear away ice and slush. A cold front should dry things up Wednesday, he said, with a chance of some morning flurries.

“Wednesday morning a cold front pushes through, and we could see some snow between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. or so,” Ledbetter said. “Once that pushes through it will be dry for the rest of the day Wednesday and gradually warming through the end of the week before our next system comes through, which should be rain.”