Manchester Sheetz to begin renovation

A gas pump at the Sheetz store on Md. 140 in Westminster. A renovation set to begin this spring will update the Manchester location on Md. 30 to a similar design.
A gas pump at the Sheetz store on Md. 140 in Westminster. A renovation set to begin this spring will update the Manchester location on Md. 30 to a similar design. (Ken Koons/Carroll County Times file)

Editor’s Note: After this story went to print, the store announced it would be pushing back the start of renovation. The anticipated start date is now March 4.

The renovation of the Sheetz at 3281 Main St., Manchester, is set to begin this spring.


The store and gas pumps will be closed to customers during the renovation, and the company says the updated store will be very similar to the Westminster location on Md. 140 that opened in July. The anticipated reopening date is September.

The construction will also change the entrances and exits of the property, adding one into the adjacent Garey Business Center.

During the Jan. 8 Mayor and Council meeting, Town Administrator Steve Miller reported that the project had received all necessary approvals.

The previous month during a Planning and Zoning meeting held Dec. 18, Brent Brubaker, engineer and permit manager with Sheetz Inc. answered questions and requested final approval of the plan.

He thanked the town staff for their hard work reviewing the plan.

“This type of project is a little bit different because it is an existing store, so there’s a lot of logistics I have to take care of,” he said. “We actually are going be relocating some employees while the store’s shut down and we begin construction. It is a little bit of a time crunch, and I just want to thank staff for working hard with us to get us to this particular point.”

He addressed the entrances and exits, including a new juncture with the Garey Business Center located next to the property.

The entrance/exit with traffic light at the intersection of Md. 27 and MD. 30 will remain as-is with a slight increase to the size of the access. Drivers will now be able to go from the Garey property, which includes entry into the Sheetz property if they wish to use the traffic signal to exit onto either road. The intersection was mentioned as a pressure point for traffic in a discussion of the town’s traffic congestion in September.

The entrance and exit onto Long Lane near the rear of the property will be extended and drivers can continue to use it as they have in the past to enter the Sheetz property and potentially exit using the traffic light at the intersection.

Brubaker said, “I think the biggest thing that we’re excited about is that we’re going to be able to have a nice looking property here in the town of Manchester to replace what’s there now, so we’re really excited to make these improvements.”

The existing access point on Long Lane will be renovated to help correct the land grade. Those familiar with the store and gas station know the noticeable slope of the land from the back of the property down toward the highway.

ADA accessible parking will be located near the doors of the store.

The renovation will mean the end of kerosene sales at the location. Brubaker said that this is a companywide decision.

In addition to the gasoline pumps, there will be one pump dispensing auto diesel for trucks.


In response to a Planning & Zoning Commission member’s question about one day powering electric cars, Brubaker said they were “absolutely interested in accommodating electric,” but it would depend on the electric vehicle supply equipment companies they partner with.

“It’s about $500,000 to put in transformers and associated work. … They’re kind of cherry-picking the best spots,” he said.

At some points in construction, the project may spill onto Md. 30 requiring traffic-flaggers, but not often, he said.

“Hopefully that will be very short instances and we’ll get the heck back out of the roadway,” he said.

The Planning and Zoning meeting can be viewed via the YouTube channel for the Community Media Center.