Lynda Eisenberg officially named Carroll County planning director

Lynda Eisenberg has been named the official director of the Carroll County Department of Planning.
Lynda Eisenberg has been named the official director of the Carroll County Department of Planning. (Courtesy photo)

Lynda Eisenberg has officially been named director of the Carroll County Department of Planning.

Eisenberg had been acting planning director since 2017, and began her work with the county as bureau chief of comprehensive planning in 2013.


Her responsibilities then included overseeing and managing activities of employees engaged in comprehensive land use planning, transportation planning, historic planning, facility planning and water resource planning in accordance with federal, state and local laws, according to a Jan. 25 county release.

In addition to those duties, Eisenberg will direct overall comprehensive planning programs/processes and the Carroll County Comprehensive Plan, monitor compliance with appropriate governmental and other regulatory and reporting requirements and represent Carroll County on legislative and regulatory issues at the local, regional, state and federal levels.


“I'm looking forward to continuing to further the mission of the master plan and the Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan,” Eisenberg told the Times Tuesday, “and to finish the long-overdue text amendments to the zoning code as well as the corresponding map changes — and obviously working with the great staff that we have to do that.”

She also said she hopes to finish staffing the department by bringing in a new planning manager to take over her former position.

The updated Carroll County Water & Sewer Master Plan will go to a public hearing on Jan. 31. The plan in place currently was approved in 2014, and is required to be updated every three years by the Maryland Department of the Environment. 

When asked about future challenges, Eisenberg said one thing she noticed is people are particularly vocal when they are concerned that a planning decision could impact them negatively, but not as much when a decision could have a positive or neutral effect.

“So it’s just getting the word out to the citizens about what were doing, that constant communication back and forth,” she explained. “We want to hear people’s thoughts, even if it’s not negatively impacting them.”

One way she is planning to do that is by strengthening outreach through the county and local media sources, she said.

Originally from Calvert County, Eisenberg has lived in this region for more than 25 years. She is married with two children and enjoys skiing, hiking, biking, volunteering at her children’s school and coaching field hockey.

Eisenberg earned her bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from University of Maryland, Baltimore County and holds a master’s degree in geography and environmental planning from Towson University.

She has more than 20 years of experience as a planning professional, an extensive background in Maryland planning and land-use programs, as well as federal and intergovernmental planning issues. She is also a published contributor to several planning-related publications and is active on several boards and committees.

“Lynda was a fantastic acting director for planning and it is exciting to remove the word acting and welcome her as the official director,” Commissioner Stephen Wantz, president of the Board of County Commissioners, said last week.

“She works effectively with the commissioners, county directors and state representatives, and her experience and expertise will continue to be an asset to the county.”

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