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Holiday Hope fundraising campaign sets record, closing with more than $175K raised

With a flurry of donations coming in on the final official day of the Times’ annual fundraising campaign, Holiday Hope has shattered its previous high total.

After checks were processed on Christmas Eve, Holiday Hope surpassed $175,000 raised for Access Carroll, Carroll County Food Sunday, Carroll Hospice, Human Services Programs of Carroll County and The Shepherd’s Staff to help the less fortunate during the holidays.


Concluding its 22nd year, the previous most money raised by Holiday Hope had been a little more than $141,000 in 2018. This year’s goal had been to raise $125,000 for the five nonprofit organizations by Christmas. The final total is likely to be significantly higher as many of the checks sent in the last days leading up to Christmas may still be in transit.

More than $25,000 in new donations raised Holiday Hope’s total to $176,074. For the first time, online was presented as an option for donating this year and more than $21,000 was registered that way, the rest by checks sent to the Carroll County Times and processed by NWSB Bank, a division of ACNB Bank with seven branches in Carroll County.


The largest new donations were $2,100 from Layer8 Consulting; $1,000 from Wayne and Bonnie Barnes in memory of Taylor W. Barnes; $1,000 from James Welsh in honor of Elena Welsh; $1,000 from R. Wayne and Elaine Hollenbaugh; and $1,000 from Anna Kirker and Rob Snyder.

Other donations received were: $600 from Carolene Will; $500 from Nancy Scholz; $500 from Robert and Phyllis Svendsen; $300 from the Rev. Dr. Sue Shorb-Sterling in memory of Norah Rubaker and Charlotte Gehr; $300 from Westminster United Methodist Church; $300 from Corynne Courpas in honor of the sons and daughters of Greek immigrants; $300 from Women in Mission of St. John’s United Methodist Church; $250 from Barbara Dusman in memory of Glenn Dusman and Pop and Miss Pat Carter; $250 from Leslie Warfield; $250 from Mark Bennett and Cathy Haines in memory of Eva Mae Ehlers; $200 from Janice Feaga; $200 from Sandra Burns; $200 from Larrie and Betsy Mann Bostic in memory of “our parents” and in honor of Ed Leister for 10 years of service to CCFS; $200 from Mark and Cathy Haines-Bennett in honor of Bob Blubaugh and the Carroll County Times staff; $200 from Martha Wiseman; $200 from Deborah and Sam Schaeffer in memory of Monte Schaeffer and Peggy Day; $150 from Dave and Pat Curtis in memory Tom and Betty Curtis; $150 from Bethany Brown and $125 from Donald Nessly.

Also received were: $100 from Lisa A. Watkins in memory of Dennis Smith; $100 from Molly Riggs in memory of Ronald Dunn; $100 from Richard Peters in memory of Richard C. Peters; $100 from Kennedy K. in honor of Papa and Gigi; $100 from Ronna Lefebvre; $100 from Tracie and Lee Sturgill in memory of Shirley Rill, Ralph Schaeffer and Faye Tracey; $100 from Tom and Norma Taylor in memory of Michael Bloom; $100 from Jim and Anna Naylor in memory of Michael A. Elseroad; $100 from Sweetie in honor of Fiddlers Green Farm; $100 from Oscar Dixon in memory of Dorothy and Ron; $100 from Ellie Dorsey in memory of Lois Taylor; $100 from Mary Thayer in memory of John Thayer; $100 from Jack and Bonnie Fold in memory of Robyn and Ron Hoff and Sandy and Paul Schlerf; $100 from Dave and Pat Curtis in memory of Andrew Curtis; $90 from Lou and Marge Harding in honor of Fr. Gerard Steffener’s 90th birthday; $50 from Paul Capriolo; $50 from Anthony and Mary Mendiola; $50 from Mary Mendiola; $50 from Jo Ann Hill; $50 from Cindy Walsh; $50 from Cindy Welsh; $50 from Judith Rhoades; $50 from Paul and Amanda McCourt in honor of Frank and Cindy Potee; $50 from Noeleen and Don Schuettpelz in memory of Eugene, William and Randy; $50 from Paul and Amanda McCourt in memory of Herbert and Isabell Mullinix; $50 from Barbara and Carl Brian in memory of Belle and Lionel Stickels and $25 from Aamena Husain.

Additionally, more than $12,000 in anonymous donations, half coming from one couple, were processed, including $1,000 in memory of Mike Hughes and $100 in memory of Ken and Charlotte Barnes and Gardner and Nannie Woodward, $100 in memory of Mary Grace Truitt and $50 in memory of Guy, Hazel, Neal, Wayne, and Becky Owings.

Holiday Hope’s five partner charities, as well as most nonprofits in Carroll County, have reported lost fundraising opportunities this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Access Carroll offers integrated health care services on a sliding fee scale to uninsured and low-income residents to help patients maintain good health and manage illnesses. Carroll County Food Sunday operates food banks for the needy in Carroll County. Carroll Hospice provides palliative care and support services to people with life-threatening illnesses and their families. Human Services Programs of Carroll County provides assistance with rent, essential utilities and security deposits for people struggling to maintain their housing. The Shepherd’s Staff is a Christian outreach and support center serving those in need and encouraging pathways to self-sufficiency.

Go to to read more about the five nonprofits.