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With post-Christmas donations processed, Holiday Hope raises nearly $200,000 for five Carroll County nonprofits

Even after the holidays were long over, donations to Holiday Hope continued to come in. Numerous contribution came in after Christmas Day, the final official day of the Times’ annual fundraising campaign, with what is believed to be the last one arriving just last week via U.S. mail.

Thanks to the generosity of Carroll countians, Holiday Hope shattered its previous high in funds raised for five local nonprofits.


The presumably final total for Holiday Hope is $198,304 going to Access Carroll, Carroll County Food Sunday, Carroll Hospice, Human Services Programs of Carroll County and The Shepherd’s Staff to help the less fortunate during the holidays. Concluding its 22nd year, the most money previously raised during one campaign of Holiday Hope had been a little more than $141,000 in 2018.

This year’s goal had been to raise $125,000 for the five nonprofit organizations by Christmas. For the first time, online was presented as an option for donating this year and more than $25,000 was registered that way, the rest by checks sent to the Carroll County Times and processed by NWSB Bank, a division of ACNB Bank with seven branches in Carroll County.


In addition to some $7,000 in anonymous donations received since Christmas, these are the named donations of $1,000 or more were: $3,250 from Sturgill & Associates LLP in honor of all of our first responders; $1,200 from John and Vivian Seaman in memory of Bob and Ruby Higdon; $1,000 from Summit Electric Company and $1,000 from friends and family in memory of Jordan Davis.

The rest of the donations received after Christmas: $650 from Jim and Dianne Thompson in memory of Karen Feroli, in honor of Dr. Robert Wack; $500 from Lynn Wheeler in honor of HSP Staff; $500 from Jennifer Yang; $500 from Michelle Schlauch; $500 from Ann Kramb in memory of William and Thelma Howard. $500 from the New Windsor Lions Club; and $350 from Ivy Rose, Geoffrey and Paul Bean, Merry Christmas to Marjorie Bean.

$250 from Edgar W. Davies in memory of Mary and Edgar Davies; $250 from David and Kim Carl in memory of Mary and Donald Carl; $250 from Janet McComas in honor of Health Care Providers; $250 from Mike and Regina McCarthy in memory of Gene Hillman; $250 from Lyle and Judy Lettie in honor of all health care workers; $250 from Mark Luesse in memory of Heinz Luesse; $250 from Nancy Powel in memory of Becky Powel; $220 from the Klinger, Armstrong and Van Horn families in memory of Amos and Ruth Ashe; $200 from Marigene Sageman and family in memory of William “Bill” Sageman; $200 from Terese Deschaine in memory of Brent Harbaugh; $200 from Kristin Wilcox; $150 from Sarah Melissa Witiak in honor of Marian Witiak; $125 from the family in memory of Harry and Nelda Ring; and $125 from Pat and Donald Nusbaum in memory of Alexis Jones, Ida and Stanley Nusbaum, Alice Wright and Eula Baker.

$100 from Ben and Pat Crowl in memory of Ben and Annabel Crowl and Frank and Arlene Hoffman; $100 from Bruce and Jackie Cowan in memory of Debbie Stricker; $100 from Gayle Fontaine in memory of Gloria Martin; $100 from Jeanine Webster in memory of Jonathan James Webster; $100 from Bethany Natoli in memory of Joan Lee Burrier; $100 from Mayumi Kennedy in honor of Steven and Holly Kennedy; $100 Darlene and Lynette Blacksten in memory of Wayne Blacksten; $100 from Karen and Blaine Flickinger in memory of Jane Pennell; $100 from Donald E. Hare in memory of Ruth A. Hare; $100 from Craig and Kathy Krauss in memory of Gene and Marion Krauss; $100 from Steve Silberman in memory of Patricia Silberman; $100 from Terry and Janet Crushong in memory of Thomas and Jane Crushong; $100 from Janet and Terry Crushong in memory of Donald and David Brothers; $100 from Brenda Ecker in memory of Ed Ecker; $100 from Sue and Joe Hall and family in memory of Pete Hammersla; and $100 from Jan Witt and Sandy Lacy.

$75 from Kirk Hollman, Single H Siding in memory of George and Nora Hollman; $75 from Kirk Hollman in honor of all the front line workers; $60 from the Disbrow family; $50 from Joseph Bentz and Mary Jo Holechek in memory of Terrence Holechek; $50 from Claire Breer; $50 from Susan Conklin in memory of Mom; $50 from Jacquelyn Heilbron; $50 from William Miller; $50 from Kellie Napolitano; $50 from Lee Sirk in memory of Jean J. Sirk; $50 from Faye Heffner in memeory of John Heffner Jr; $50 from Gale and Michael Salter in memory of Karen Feroli; $50 from Joseph Bentz and Mary Jo Holechek in memory of Joseph and Elaine Holechek; $50 from Vernon Keeler in memory of Dottie Keeler; $50 from Ernie and Linda Mauritz in memory of Ruby Timanus; $50 from Louise L. Lynham in memory of Henry “Hank” Boeckman; $50 from Dennis and Patsy Clifford in memory of Reinilda Whitehead; $40 from Gail Fernandez in honor of Carol Morris; and $20 from the Robbins Family in memory of Donald and Eleanor Wood.

Access Carroll offers integrated health care services on a sliding fee scale to uninsured and low-income residents to help patients maintain good health and manage illnesses. Carroll County Food Sunday operates food banks for the needy in Carroll County. Carroll Hospice provides palliative care and support services to people with life-threatening illnesses and their families. Human Services Programs of Carroll County provides assistance with rent, essential utilities and security deposits for people struggling to maintain their housing. The Shepherd’s Staff is a Christian outreach and support center serving those in need and encouraging pathways to self-sufficiency.

Go to to read more about the five nonprofits.