Here's how to help the 27 dogs rescued from Hampstead

After 27 dogs were rescued from a home at 4302 Black Rock Road in Hampstead, in what court records called “the most extreme filth” on Friday, philanthropic efforts are underway to help the dogs and those who are supporting them.

John J. Roberts and Laura S. Filler have been charged with 51 counts each of animal cruelty and related charges, and are held without bail. Investigators have discovered 27 dead dogs in the home, some in the basement of the home, some on the first floor, and some in a locked shed


The Humane Society of Carroll County is currently caring for the rescued animals. Officials said they have been treated by certified groomers and seen by a veterinarian. The rescued dogs are 20 Dalmatians, five golden retrievers and two English setters.

The rescued dogs are “doing well,” the Humane Society said, though the organization is not yet allowing or sharing photos or videos of the animals. The Humane Society said earlier in the week it was having a hard time “keeping up” with all the offers to volunteer to help or to foster the rescued dogs.

“Please be patient and we will reach out when the need arises,” the organization wrote on Facebook.

While local authorities continue investigating the matter and the Humane Society continues caring for the rescued dogs, here’s how you can help.

The Humane Society

The Humane Society of Carroll County is caring for the dogs. The society said it does not need dog food at this time, but there are still ways to donate.

The society accepts monetary donations online at

The organization also has an Amazon Wish List, where individuals can purchase items that can be used by the society to care for rescued animals.

The Dalmatian Club

The Dalmatian Club of America Foundation started a fundraiser on Facebook and has so far brought in $16,590, out of a $15,000 goal. The Dalmatian Club of America Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3), and organizers said 100 percent if the donations will be distributed to organizations that help the rescued dogs or earmarked for future Dalmatian rescue operations.

Animal Control

Do you know something about the ongoing investigation, or think you may have a tip? You can contact Animal Control, through the Humane Society of Carroll County, by calling 410-848-4810 or 410-848-4899.