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Carroll County Health Department unveils updated COVID-19 vaccination rollout plan

The county’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan is ever-evolving, so the Carroll County Health Department put out a news release Monday in an effort to keep the community up to date on the latest information.

The health department has vaccinated approximately 3,000 people since Dec. 30, according to its Monday news release. Most of those people have been from Phase 1A, which includes first responders, health care providers and correctional facilities staff. A small number of high-priority teachers as designated by Carroll County Public Schools were also vaccinated last week from Phase 1B, according to the release, when a 1A clinic did not fill up as quickly as expected.


The health department this week will continue to vaccinate individuals in Phase 1A, as well as staff from public and private schools and child care facilities who are in Phase 1B. People age 75 or older will be starting their vaccination process next week.

Ed Singer, the county’s top health officer, said in the release that the health department schedules clinics one week in advance based on Carroll’s vaccine allotment. The county received 1,400 doses for the coming week, Singer said, and 1,400 for the week after, despite requesting a higher number of doses from the state. Vaccine distribution is by appointment only.


“We are currently vaccinating priority groups in focused clinics and working with community partners to ensure that all doses received are used by the following week,” Singer said in the release. “Unfortunately, at the rate we are receiving vaccine, it will take a while to get to everyone in Phase 1B.”

The health department is asking residents who want to receive the vaccine to complete interest forms for their phase of vaccination. They can be found online at

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Carroll County Breaking News

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Individuals on these lists will receive updates by email or phone, for those who do not have email, when more information on registration is available. This is not registration for vaccination, and the list will not be prioritized.

Information about vaccine priorities continues to be refined at state and local levels. More information on the state phases can be found at

As rollout plans across Maryland continue to evolve, COVID-19 vaccination may be available from other providers, in addition to health department clinics. The state has added information on sites across Maryland where registration for vaccination is currently or will soon be available.

Individuals should also consult their health care providers if they are planning to offer the COVID-19 vaccine, the release stated. As more vaccines become available, many health care providers will be able to vaccinate their patients, prioritizing those at higher risk.

“Community partners across the county are working together to get the COVID-19 vaccine out as quickly as possible, despite the challenges of a limited vaccine supply and changing guidance,” Ed Rothstein, president of the Board of Carroll County Commissioners, said in the health department’s news release.

“We are all committed to getting our vaccine allotment out as quickly as possible, but by appointment, so people are not waiting in long lines. We are prepared to vaccinate more people each week as our vaccine supply increases, and we hope that the vaccine will soon be available through pharmacies and other health care providers in addition to health department clinics.”


More information on COVID-19 vaccinations in Carroll County can be found on the health department’s page at