Hampstead zoning commission talks Main Street, development

Hampstead zoning commission talks Main Street, development
Members of the Hampstead Planning and Zoning Commission, town staff and representatives from Carroll County stand around a blueprint for a soon-to-be residential development. The commission met Wednesday to discuss new and old development projects. (Alex Mann / Carroll County Times)

The town of Hampstead’s Planning and Zoning Commission met Wednesday to discuss a new development and to check in on the drawn-out Main Street revitalization project.

Florida Rock Properties Inc. is bringing a new development project to Hampstead. Representatives from the company and a builder it contracted to complete the project introduced the concept plan on Wednesday for the proposed suburban development.


The concept plan considers storm water management, forest conservation and traffic implications.

James Roark, the Hampstead Town Council representative on the zoning commission, asked the developers if they’d considered adding a second entry point to the plans.

Roark said he worried about the potential implications of such development on local traffic — which has already been clogged by the ongoing Main Street construction project.

“The answer is no,” said Ed Gold, a builder contracted by Florida Rock to construct the residential development.

Gold cited an already completed traffic study and the potential for more studies and said that the developers would defer judgment to the “experts.”

The commission voted unanimously — with one member absent — to introduce the concept plan and move forward with the planning process.

“We really appreciate everyone’s efforts in getting to this point,” Gold said, calling Wednesday the project’s “official start.”

Tammi Ledley, the Hampstead town manager, explained that Gold Rock Properties had been working with Hampstead for more than a year, asking the town to make changes to its code.

An introductory concept plan is the first step in what’s likely to be a nine-month planning process, Ledley said.

Ledley added that she was excited about the development.

“Townhouses with garages are a wonderful addition to town,” she said. “We don’t have that product yet.”

Earlier in the brief meeting, Ledley updated the four present commission members on Hampstead’s Main Street Revitalization project, which kicked off in August 2017.

It’s on schedule, she said.

Builders have completed most of the East side of the street’s curb, sidewalk and gutter, Ledley said. They are installing street lamps and have started paving half of the road.


Clustered mailboxes will be installed soon, she added.

While traffic delays associated with the project have been frustrating, to see one side of Main Street come to fruition, “has been absolutely amazing,” said Sharon Callahan, chair of the planning and zoning commission.

“I know it’s inconvenient,” she said. “But the end is going to be a gain [for the town].”