Fortnite character costumes top choice as Carroll County gets into Spirit of Halloween

When asked what the most popular Halloween costume in Carroll County is this year, Spirit Halloween staff said it was undeniably characters from the online video game Fortnite.

“The skull trooper costume is already sold out in general,” said Steven Amernick, assistant manager for the costume shop at the TownMall of Westminster. “We can’t order it from corporate or even on the website.


“Fortnite is a huge craze right now,” he said. “It’s up to the point where you can only buy two items at a time [online].”

Also popular are scary clown costumes, Amernick said.


But aside from seeking out-of-stock costumes, locals perused the shop last week for other ideas.

Costume searching

Taneytown resident Emily Kerrick, 14, and her friend Julia Hansen, 13, of Westminster, searched for a particular dress on Friday — the classic blue dress with puffed sleeves worn by the Grady twins in the 1980 film adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Shining.”

“We’ve been trying to find a dress,” said Hansen, “tried to order it and it didn’t come, looked on Amazon and all the dates for delivery in November.

“It’s a plain blue with a ribbon around the waist,” she said, “and it’s harder to find than you think.”


The girls searched the store with the help of an associate.

Moments later, 18-year-old Johnsville resident Cheyenne Reese approached the register with her father, Ronald Reese.

“I’m going to be a Native American princess,” said Reese, holding up the translucent plastic package with her Pocahantas-esque costume inside.

“I saw it online and was like, ‘Ooh!’ ” she said.

Her father doesn’t have a costume yet, he said, but said he still has time to decide.

The father-daughter duo are going to a wrestling match together to celebrate Halloween — one where attendees will come in costume, Reese said.

As for the store’s assistant manager, Amernick, he created his costume this year. The Westminster resident is dressing up as the Netflix show character Bojack Horseman.

“I kind of made it,” he said. “I got a sweater and a horse mask, jeans. It’s not very difficult.”

Halloween plans

Westminster residents Braxton McDonald, 10, and his brother Jayce, 8, stood near the creepy clown corner with their mother Friday although they had their costumes already.

“I’m going trick-or-treating with my friends — and no parents,” Braxton said.

He already has his costume, a Fortnite skeleton, and his mother Angela McDonald said she was giving in and allowing him to trick-or-treat without a parent for the first time.

“They’re in the neighborhood,” she said, “and there’ll be tons of parents around.”

Jayce — who is two years his brother’s junior — is going to be a creepy clown, McDonald said, and is going trick-or-treating with friends and a parent.

Also enjoying the Spirit Halloween ambiance was 5-year-old Haley Ruch with her grandmother Eileen Mayne.

The young Sykesville resident is going to be Supergirl, but came in Friday to look at the decorations.

“She likes to come in and look,” said Mayne. “They have a lot of spooky things; I thought she’d be scared. But she’s not afraid of anything.

“This is also the place with all the decorations and lights at Christmas time,” she said.

Mayne said Haley is going to celebrate Halloween at a friend’s house with her cousins.

“We always have so much fun together,” said Haley.

The TownMall Spirit Halloween is open 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 12 to 5 p.m. Sunday.

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