Engineer Michael Spencer checks the pumping system of Engine 72 at Lineboro Fire Company on May 29, 2018. Equipment at the station is checked daily to make sure everything is running properly.
Engineer Michael Spencer checks the pumping system of Engine 72 at Lineboro Fire Company on May 29, 2018. Equipment at the station is checked daily to make sure everything is running properly. (Ken Koons / Carroll County Times)

Lineboro citizens were called to action in 1915, after a group gathered at a schoolhouse to talk about fire protection. The Lineboro Volunteer Fire Department was one of the five departments in Carroll that formed the Carroll County Volunteer Firemen’s Association in 1923.

For several years, the company held meetings on the third floor of Miller’s Store, which was on Main Street, according to Carroll County Times’ archives. In 1916, the company bought an Ajax chemical engine for $300, and a bell.


In 1917, the company received a two-tank chemical engine as a donation. Soon after, a committee gathered to talk about purchasing a building lot on Main Street. A lot was purchased with a stream, filled with fieldstone, flowing though it, creating a curve to the rear of the property, and a building foundation.

Four years after the company started up, the cornerstone was laid for the building, and in August of 1919 the company joined the State Firemen’s Association.

By 1920, the company had a two-story brick building, costing a total of $12,500. In 1922, the company erected a monument in memory of war veterans in front of the hall. The following year, a World War I machine gun was erected next to the memorial. When the company remodeled and put double doors on the front around 1950, the machine gun disappeared.

The company held its first fair in October 1930. In the next decade, the fair expanded to include an auction. Farmers would ride through the community and collect grain, apples and chickens to sell at the auction on a Saturday night in October. The fairs lasted up until the 1990s, when new fundraisers took over.

In Lineboro, the company’s Ladies Auxiliary began in the 1944. An early fundraiser that the auxiliary put together involved cloth dolls. The women passed around dolls with a pocket on them from one family to another, expecting to make a few dollars. Families knew to pass the doll on to another family in town before it would eventually circulate back to the fire company.

That same year, the company erected a memorial plaque in honor of the World War I and II vets.

Two years later, the company added a modern kitchen to the firehouse. In 1953, the company purchased 2.5 acres behind the building to be used for parking.

At the end of the 1950s, the company erected a new building on the rear parking lot for $4,000. By the early ’70s, the company had added two additional bays and a radio room to the building.

The company also began offering ambulance service in the 1970s, after purchasing a Springfield Ambulance. Firefighters took American Red Cross training such as basic first aid and CPR skills until around the time the EMT program was offered, and EMT basic training became available. In 1982, the company was the first in Carroll to purchase a Thumper Cardiopulmonary Resuscitator, which is used during cardiac arrest.

It was around that same time that the company took in its first female firefighter. In the early 2000s, Marianne Warehime became the first female fire company president in the county.

The company started a popular fundraiser in the ’90s: an October hayride, known as Bedlam in the Boro. The three-mile long hayride, offered Fridays and Saturdays in October, takes visitors through the Lineboro woods to several spooky scenes. The company has since added a House of Horrors as part of the attractions as well. It also offers the Bedlam bypass, a non-scary hayride for youngsters on two Sundays in October.

By nature of its geographic location, Lineboro often runs calls in York County, Pennsylvania, in addition to Carroll and Baltimore counties, and a significant portion of its membership is from Pennsylvania.

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