For the 22nd year, the Carroll Arts Center opened its gallery to display wreaths designed by local artists to be sold for their Festival of Wreaths fundraiser.

About 150 wreaths were submitted for the fundraiser this year. The wreaths had all kinds of creative themes ranging from patriotism to “Star Wars”; one wreath was made out of a Goodyear tire.


“It’s kind of like whatever their creativity flows for them, so we have different ones,” said Lindsay Sier, theater coordinator at the arts center. “They’re all mostly holiday themed or wreath-like, then a lot of them also come with gift packages or gift cards for different local businesses or gift certificates...”

According to a Carroll Arts Center news release, previous festivals have generated an average of $25,000 per year. Last year, the event raised $22,722; organizers hope to surpass that amount this year.

“It goes to the Carroll Arts Center, so it goes toward a lot of our different programs that help the community,” Sier said.

The wreaths were dropped off by their artists about one week ago and went on display Friday. People are welcome to view the wreaths and place a bid until Dec. 8.

Even on the morning of possibly the biggest shopping holiday of the year, the wreaths had plenty of admirers.

Vivian Daly attended the Carroll Arts Center with her husband, viewing not only the artwork of others, but her own as well.

“It makes me feel good to donate something for a good cause because it’s a fundraiser for the Arts Council,” Daly said. “It adds to the artistic part of the community, and that brings joy.”

For Daly, making wreaths gives brings her positivity.

“It makes me feel good because I give back. It’s creative, and doing my art is a mental therapy for me," she said. "So when I donate something, it’s part of that process that makes me feel good.”

Daly has been attending the fundraiser for about seven years and has entered a wreath about three times.

Sylvia Bellak and Sue Molare said they always attend the Festival of Wreaths.

Bellak loves the different expressions of art that the festival offers.

“Everybody’s imagination is so different and how they perceive things, their creativity — it’s just awesome,” she said. “It gives you great ideas for other things.”

Molare, who has submitted a wreath once, sees the importance of the fundraiser for the community.


“If it supports the arts center, then it benefits this community,” she said.

The wreaths will be on display and up for bid at the Carroll Arts Center, at 91 W. Main St. in Westminster, between the hours of 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. except on Dec. 8, when they close at 4 p.m.