Environmental Advisory Council forms new awards committee to revamp program

The recipients of the 2018 Environmental Awareness Awards, which are presented biannually by the Board of County Commissioners and Environmental Advisory Council.
The recipients of the 2018 Environmental Awareness Awards, which are presented biannually by the Board of County Commissioners and Environmental Advisory Council. (Courtesy photo / Carroll County Government)

The Environmental Advisory Council created a new Awards Committee this week.

The committee will work to give Carroll County residents and businesses more incentive to engage in environmentally friendly projects and to nominate their peers for the biannual Environmental Awareness Awards.


“How do you increase the value of the award to the community and let the people know it exists, encourage people to get involved?” asked EAC member Curtis Barrett at the council’s Wednesday meeting.

Suggestions included finding ways to increase visibility and publicity for the awards that recognize people in five different categories every other year — individual, institution, student, agriculture and business — and possibly narrowing down the categories to three.


“Why couldn’t we, during the fair, present this award,” asked EAC member David Hynes, “and recognize them on the stage when there’s lots of people there?”

The Environmental Advisory Council is nearing completion of a report on expanded polystrene, or EPS, the single-use material more commonly known by Dow Chemical Company trademarked name “Styrofoam.”

Brenda Dinne, special projects coordinator for the county Department of Land and Resource Management, said maybe the awards could be handmade by local artisans.

“I know it’s been suggested it would be nice if we could have a local artisan — maybe a different one every time we do it — create an award,” she said.

This year’s award winners received engraved, crystalline awards, but she said it might be a good idea to get local artists involved.

“Do you want to pursue that?” she said. “It’s been suggested to me that would be a nice idea.”

Council members agreed all the suggestions made on Wednesday, and more, were worth pursuing — so they put together an Awards Committee made up up Barrett, Hynes and EAC chair Frank Vleck.

The group said they anticipate presenting ideas in early 2019.

The Environmental Advisory Council set aside the first portion of its June 20 meeting to recognize the five recipients of its 2018 Environmental Awareness Awards for a job well done. On a biennial basis the Carroll County Board of Commissioners and EAC choose candidates from various categories... 

The 2018 Environmental Awareness Awards went to: Nancy Bittler, adult supervisor to the 4-H Green Outdoor Environmental Science Club, for the individual award; Bryan Shumaker, Carroll County Public Schools STEM coordinator, for the institution award; Stella Schoberg, an environmental leader at her elementary school, for the student award; Carolyn and Mike Krome of Persimmon Tree Farm, for the agriculture award; and Legacy Septic and Excavation LLC for the business award.

In addition to recognition at the June 21 EAC meeting, each recipient had a tree planted in their honor by the Board of County Commissioners and the EAC at Carroll Community College on Sept. 28.

More information on the Environmental Awareness Awards can be found on the EAC section of the Carroll County government website at ccgovernment.carr.org.

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