Winters Mill student to use music festival for Eagle Scout project

Winters Mill student to use music festival for Eagle Scout project
Jeremy Reynolds, 17, is planning a benefit music festival this summer at the Union Mills Homestead for his Eagle Scout project. He took some time to talk about his plans at the Carroll County Public Library Westminster branch on Wednesday, May 16, 2018. (Jennifer Turiano)

What do the movie “Wayne’s World 2,” Boy Scout Troop 483 and a guitar have in common?

They all are inspiration for 17-year-old Jeremy Reynolds’ Eagle Scout project — a benefit music festival in Carroll County this summer called “Foodstock” that he has been planning since last summer.


“Now, I’ve had a passion for music for a really long time I’ve discovered in eighth grade,” the high school junior said this week at the Carroll County Public Library’s Westminster branch. “But I’ve been playing music for a while. I play guitar — I only started that in 8th grade, too — but I play other instruments, like piano.

“I was wondering how I could integrate that into my [Eagle Scout] project,” he said.

And then it hit him.

“In the movie [Wayne’s World 2],” Reynolds said, “Wayne and Garth, the two main characters, they put on a festival called ‘Waynestock’ in their small town of Aurora, Illinois after Wayne gets a dream from Jim Morrison saying he should put on a concert. So I thought that maybe I could do that here.”

But he recognized that most projects involve construction, building, or making repairs to existing infrastructure in the community.

“Building a bridge or repairing something that’s old — that’s great,” Reynolds said, “but I'm not really a craftsman … and it’s not really what I want to do.”

To make a lasting impact with his Eagle Scout project, Reynolds said he would make it a benefit festival and decided instead of paying admission, require attendees to bring a bag filled with canned food.

All donations received at the festival will go to the food bank at St. Mary’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, where the troop is chartered.

“A lot of times, yes, it is building picnic tables for a park or doing a lot of different things, compost bins for Bear Branch [for example],” Reynolds’ Boy Scout Troopmaster Jeff Muse said Thursday afternoon. “There are food drives, but setting up an event like this, setting up a music concert where all the proceeds are for a food bank for a food drive, that's a heck of a challenge.”

Reynolds is currently recruiting bands to perform at Foodstock, which is slated for Aug. 5 at the Union Mills Homestead in Westminster. Four have signed on already and he is hoping for at least two more.

“I know he's moving along,” his troopmaster said. “He's stepping up, caling all the bands, setting up food vendors. It is a big challenge and there are a lot of things that could go wrong and a lot of things that could go correct, that could go in his favor.

“You know, Jeremy, he does have some trouble communicating,” he said, “and with him doing this project, he has blossomed. He was always shy, not one to talk to people; he’d stand back. But now, him stepping up and having to go out and get these bands and get the food … and everything that's involved in this thing — I mean, it’s unreal what he's done so far.”

His father, Mike Reynolds, said although Foodstock is not traditional, it is a crash course in some very important skills.

“A lot of people will build things that are more enduring,” he said. “But he’s learning skills for management, the people who he’s calling out to — they’re helping him, donating time, money and effort.


“I’m proud,” Reynolds’ father said. “I can’t be more proud.”

The Life Scout is also looking for a restaurant in Westminster to host a fundraising dinner sometime in June, with a goal of collecting $1,500. Through a GoFundMe page, Reynolds has already raised $350.

Although he has already been granted permits and a stage and the bands will play for free, putting on Foodstock will still cost money — like for food, a sound engineer, tents and outdoor restrooms.

Reynolds’ GoFundMe can be found at, along with more information on him and his Eagle Scout project.